She gave it all, you gave her shit
She coulda done, just anything
Or anyone, cause she’s a goddess
You never got this
You put her down, you liked her hopeless
To walk around, feeling unnoticed
You shoulda crowned her, cause she’s a goddess
You never got this

winter is my soul

This is an old outfit I was rocking a while ago. I feel terrible that I didn’t post this quick enough because this is the bomb diggity. I fucking love this mesh coat. Check out the darling fur around the collar, cuffs and the middle/hem of the jacket. It comes in a variety of different tones. I for one really like it. I added a few things to it, but honestly the jacket was enough itself. The boots are from Tamiron Forge. I adore them. I’m not sure what gacha I played to get them but they’re the shit. The socks underneath are by league, cause those are pretty much the best socks you can get. Sadly they’re textures and I hope she will update them for mesh bodies. The scarf was from an older collabor88 event by Yummy! I tinted it a bit more beige, but it over all went with my look.

The shield is a new weapon from LR weapons. I liked the design on it and thought it was very viking style and suit my look the best. It’s new and was at the We <3 RP event.
Beautymarks: [okkbye] Seperate Beautymarks
liner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/long
hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Suki Mesh Hair – Blacks Pack

Jacket: *May’s Soul* Snow coat
Ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS – Grey Rat
socks: *League* Side-Gartered Stockings -beige
septum: ieQED snowflake.septum.piercing.gift
boots: [TF] – Mesh Over Knee Womens Flat Boots – RARE BEIGE (BOXED)

!LR SHIELD – Midgard Shield (box) v3.03
VF Weapons VFX Tundra bow 2.612 (Boxed)

woods are where i'm home


This look is hands down a favorite of mine. I went to the Collabor88 event and got a ton of shit. First off, the hood is from Pixicat. She’s such a dope artist man. Everything she is making these days is so well done and put together perfectly.  You have to get the poncho but I just added the hood for this look cause I knew everyone was going to be blogging that coat. The scarf and dress were also from the collab and are in the foxes section, but this girl is really going above and beyond with her designs. Not only is this fur scarf realistic looking, it’s rigid. Which is something I really like because I have when it doesnt stay on my body. It comes in a ton off different colors which is a plus, I probably dropped 2k on the fur coats, scarves and dresses! The necklace is new and it’s by Random Matter! It was at the Totally Top Shelf event! The chest belt and waist belt is by Deccan of The Forge. The best thing about this is it’s weapons too! So you can use them to kill people with in combat, or icly do things to your captive. -takes out dagger and cuts off binds- it’s a great piece to wear if you’re a roleplayer!

Ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS – Grey Rat
Warpaint: Nox. Dyami War Paint

Septum: .random.Matter. – Cthulhu Septum – Black
socks: *League* Side-Gartered Stockings -FATPACK
stockings: *Sheer* Tights 02: Torn Nylon Black
hood: -Pixicat- Wintry.Cape (Aztec)
necklace: .random.Matter. – Isolde Necklace – Black TTS
Belt: [The Forge] Arwen’s Belt, Brown, Unisex (Box).
Chest Strap: [The Forge] Blade Holster, Brown
Scarf: Foxes – Cozy Fur Scarf – natural
Dress: Foxes – Cozy Fur Scarf – natural
boots: JD – Ara Earth

a new dawn

Now this look is in my main photo. I adore everything I’m rocking. The robe is by peqe and from the we love roleplay. I adore her colors she made with it. The awesome beautiful gown is by Junbug! I totally admire all her efforts she puts in her work. The shape is beautiful but her textures is what makes her gowns really shine. Literally, so posh. The rings are by Aisling from an old gacha event. The necklace is from one of Aislings jewelry expo. The head piece is from Glam Affair. There’s different colors to choose from but I adore black so I got that one. I fucking loooove it!

Hairbase: Amacci Hairbase Tattoos 2 – FAT PACK
hand tattoos: .Things.- Temple Hands Tattoo
Hair: Exile::Royal Command Naturals

Necklace: * May’s Soul* Chain necklace
Necklace2: . aisling . Edika Necklace
Rings: .a. -Sadhana- Ringset B GACHA
Septum: MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style17)
Dress *{Junbug}* Ariel [Ink]
Robes: PEQE – The Princess Robes_Red – We

weapons: Empyrean Forge: WHRP Blogger Pack_Dec [Add to Unpack]

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On behalf of Brigand and the Council of our homestead, we are asking you to bring forth thy slaves and arrows.
For on the eve of December 9th we shall dine and dash.


We want to give a big huge thank you to our Sponsors.

Deccan Arida of The Forge and Ez Weapons

Pucca Firecaster of Pucca Firecaster Creations

Thank you so much for lending us a hand and making our first even a big bang. We follow your movement, we support you as much as you support us. Most of all, we thank you! Thank you all for your time and generosity Deccan & Pucca!

Slave Run: It’s where a bunch of a girls will be on the sim, at one single point spread out in the sim.
The men will be at a spawn point. There will be cages spread throughout the sim. I’ll be putting a color on top of your cage and the captor will wear the color corresponding the cage color. You basically just run around the sim and once you’ve fond a girl you done them, bind them, bring them back to your cage.

Objection: The person who will win the prize win’s whatever girl {whoever he caught in his cage} the way for the rest of the nights RP and whatever prize we decide to give out, could be lindens or an items – you shall wait and see :)

Slaves cannot fight back – sorry I know that’s boring, but we’re keeping this old gor.
Men can use bow and sword.

***** PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR MINI MAP! ************
1. Whomever you down you have to bind and drag yourself back to the cage.
2. You cannot gesture bind – detailed bindings only
/me lean down to Jessica and took up her arms behind her back, looping the rope into a figure eight
/me she then tied another knot around her ankles with another fashioned knot
/me she then secured a knot around her binds bring her to the caged area.

3. Once the run is done we will count to see how has the most slaves in their cages, whom ever has the most takes home the girl and the prize. Whom ever has the second highest will take the runner up prize.

If lets say APPLE has ORANGES girl, well ORANGE could dual APPLE for that girl that he had captured! Who ever wins, gets the girl but not the prize

There will be a feast after words where you all can come and rp your winning slave! Seek congratulations from all the spectators! As well as enjoy good company and entertainment.

Thanks for your time, hope to see you all there.


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the raven

Your smile is like a breath of spring
Your voice is soft like summer rain
And I cannot compete with you, Jolene

He talks about you in his sleep
There’s nothing I can do to keep
From crying when he calls your name, Jolene

And I can easily understand
How you could easily take my man
But you don’t know what he means to me, Jolene



Junbug! amazing, epic, clear, smooth, vivid and fucking elegant. That is all I can say about Junbug. Juno is consistantly breaking ground with her dresses, items and accessories. She’s a fucking talented woman and every linden is well earned! From her corsets to the bustle of her gowns – every dress she has made is mouth watering. I love her. She’s not only a talented and wonderful woman – she also is a beautiful soul. She has helped me many times when I’ve messed up on a purchase or wanted information regarding her pieces. That being said, she gets nothing but A++ on my designer scale. I dressed the gown up with some pieces from The Forge. They’re older so I thought a bring a bit of the past to the present. Deccan has always blown my mind with his accessories, but this bangle it one item I still rock this day. The design of the mesh is very celtic mayian looking. The textures are very well shaded giving it a realistic feeling. The necklace are three different ones. First, Gspot – which this piece is still on market place > GSPOT . So have a look if you want because that’s the only palce you can get it. The rope necklace is from Remy and the other one is part of the Zenith piece from the newest round of TSA. The newest pieces I’m rocking are the head piece from geek, which is from an event! I adore it. A little gothica add-on to go with my Annabel Lee.

Anabel Lee
Hair: little bones. Gardenhead – little bones
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1
Makeup: #adored – go to liners
Lasehes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur

Dress: *{Junbug}* Valetta [Macabre]
Septum: .Pekka. Nelt nose septum – SUICIDE DOLLS EVENT
Headpiece: [geek.] Crossed Headchain Bloggers Pak <3
Chain: =Zenith= SECRET AFFAIR – Get one of the crowns, can get the chain. TSA
Bracelets: [The Forge] Boadicea’s Bracers Blog Box.
Ring: (Yummy) Rings Of Saturn Set – Gold
Arm bands: May’s Soul – Pompeya Bracelets/Headpiece
Bracelet2: MIEL AHI SET
Necklace: !.RR.!BeauTassels-Black
Collar: .:GSpot.. Decor Collar – dark tones – GSPOT



Little pig little pig, dance and twirl. I got a review pack for this dress by !GO! I thought it was adorable with the glow and little bits of shine. The tutu or bottom of the dress is a lacey material. The ruffle around the shoulders is an add-on which I added to the dress, it’s from Dead Dollz, it’s part of the Pure Gown, which is at their mainstore. The head piece which is fucking amazing is by no other – Zibska! I adore their work. It came with a hud of pastel colors. I can change it customize it to my liking. The harness around my legs are by Shi which has been well blogged by now. But the neck piece, collar – is new at the We Love <3 RP. It’s by Khyle Sion! So check it out now and get all these goodies at the new round of we love <3!

Ballet Child
Hair: (epoque hair) Tied Up – Monochrome
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes – Night
Lips: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam (Wear to unpack)

Pants: . AUTOPSY . Combi Daiia White
ruffleS: .::Dead Dollz::. Cosette – Pure Gown
Dress: !gO! Bess – White – WELOVERP
Neckbrace: – Kiryn (BLOG) – A Mesh Product by Khyle Sion at ~Refined Wild~- WELOVERP
Flowers/Crown: Zibska ~ Dalliance Full Vs. [no transfer]- WELOVERP

fancylady in blue


Game Of Tornes Wanna be look a like right here. The dress is fucking fab and at the time it came out i was busy being a slave girl and couldn’t rock it. Well now I can! I love love the ton of the dress and the embroidered chest and golden belt.. The gold trim along the hem is gorgeous as well! It’s just a dreamy dress and it makes me feel so pretty in it. I love it. The necklace made the collar of the dress totally work. It’s the latest piece by THE FORGE and Deccan always out does himself. So with this piece he did the dainty beautiful mesh lining and then  around the lining you have the golden sclaces. It’s rich and vibrant. I love the shading on each scale. Just darling! The hand pieces come with the scale collar as well! The circlet and headpiece are by  Pekka! I kinda fit them together so they could both work as one! It’s new too at the we love RP, but the circlet will be at the new jewlery expo! So keep your eyes open for that. Thank God Pekka has made these stellar head pieces! She’s a doll at making our ladies more regal!! I love the circlets chunky mesh that makes it stand out rather than most head pieces we’ve seen lately, the thin chains are hard to tell sometimes. This piece comes with a hud so you can change the gem in the middle. The Aida head piece is the thinner looking circle that dangles from the middle part of my head. This one is so dainty and charming, i just adored it.

Beauty marks: [okkbye] Seperate Beautymarks
lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/long
Hair: little bones. Lovestruck – little bones

Dress: .::Dead Dollz::. Margaery – Gown – Blue WELOVERP
Headpiece: .Pekka. Aida headress copper WELOVERP
Circlet: .Pekka. Celest circlet – gold – MESHED – Jewlery Expo
Collar and hands: [The Forge] Scale Collar – Gold WELOVERP

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Scarlet Harlot

Lean into my side
Never felt alive
Call the chants inside
‘We will wait for this
We will wait for this’

Just some kind of Wonderful

Now that I’m a free woman, I thought I’d give it a go giving you guys some more regal/girly looks. First off. The dress is by Junbug. I adore her designs and she’s a wonderful woman. This dress in particular is just head to toe stunning. It’s the shape, the draping of the mesh silhouette and the leaves that cling to the waist; it made me fall in love with the gown. It’s very soft yet makes an impact by showing a womans shapely figure. The darling shoulder pads are older from enfant terrible over at her new store! It’s older but her most recent release. The gold worked with the jewelry set by Eclat. I thought I would keep the two together and make them work. Which then lead to me to use head piece that I got a few months ago from a Collabor88. Probably my favorite one from them so far, but it’s by Yummy! Poly is always pushing the boundaries and trying to create fun unique pieces with a unique style of texture. The necklace is new and it’s by Maxi Gossamer. It’s up for sale at the new Fameshed event! The hair is from an event but it is by Olive! So you can probably get it there because the event is over. The lips are from noctea despres. Which she owned < Nova >. I love the colors and the definition on the lips itself. The shades she made are perfect and very modern! I love them!

Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1
Hair: .Olive. the Roo Hair – HUD 1
eyelashes: *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1
Skin/brows/ Not saring :S
Dress: *{Junbug}* Olivia [Ivory]
Necklace: MG – Necklace – Kirenna Fey Teadrop Collar – NEW FAMSHED
Shoulders: .Enfant Terrible. Caelens Armor UNISEX review pack
Head Wreath: (Yummy) Golden Laurel Leaf Crown
Bracelets: Eclat – Multiset

Asian Lady


This look here was all based around the Tres Blah. I seen it on my lady friend, Thai. She made this kimono was just rocking. You can get a ton of different patterns on this one, but I adore this one the most. It comes with a HUD so you can wear a cami underneath it too. The top is old too it’s from Baiastice. It was from an old Collabor, but I seen it at the mainstore too. The sword was from the old Fantasy Collective. Which is listed below. The pant suit is from Autopsy I love her little store it’s great for slaves and even has appliers for the banned butt I think and tangos.  The hair is something new and it’s from the secret affair!

Hair: little bones. Snow Spell II
Makeup: NOX. Tuari
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant 1
liner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/long

Sweaterc: -tb- Summer Kimono – Brown Floral
Pants: . AUTOPSY . Ma Combi Booty Black
Top: Baiastice_Caged top-black
Back Swords: Empyrean Forge: Nephilim Dual Khopesh [Add to Unpack] (unpacked
Corset: JD – Gwen Black
Hair: little bones. Snow Spell II
Necklace: Swallow Iside Gold – tinted black and edited
septum: .random.Matter. – Cthulhu Septum – Black
rings: Bliensen + MaiTai – Rawwr – Claws Review Copy We ======================================================



This look is probably my favorite and it happened on accident. The shawl was another item I seen on thai and yea, I totally stole it from her. It’s gorgeous and I love how it’s dramatic. Flowey and bright! The color thats on my girl isn’t how it should be, but I used a green screen so it kind of messed it up a bit. Though, it’s cheap and comes with a ton of colors. So shout out to my girl, Thaisticks for being deadly. The dress is from this months Uber! I love love the fit and the slouched or slinky fabric. The soft silk texture just makes me feel so sultry. The fur stole is from TWhore which everyone has but i thought it went well with my look. The necklace is from May’s Soul! The hair is Little Bones! Fucking love that girl man, the branches come with a HUDS you can change the bark and the leaves <3 Another piece from an event, but surely; hopefully is at the main store. Not to forget the last goregous piece in this outfit is pekkas head piece! It’s devine and beautiful. I love the gem in the midle but mostly the chains that drape across the face. She did an amazing job with the mesh but even better with the textures!

Hair: little bones. Willow Tree – TSA OLD
Makeup: Lovely Disarray – Neo Geisha Concept : Set [Red] – WE Hairbase: Paperbag. Twigs 4 Hair Base
eyelashes *MC* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD – Pack1
Necklace: *May’s Soul* Manna necklace for bloggers
Headpiece: .Pekka. Maxi headdress gacha RARES
Shawl: + Hagoromo Pack + {aii}
Dress: ::HH:: Hucci Jinxi Gown – Red – UBER
Fur: *T.Whore* – Sexy Fur Stole White MESH




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Mrs Jon Wick



You… in my mind.




Back by popular demand. So many people have been asking me, “Why don’t you make those funny pictures anymore?” well I just wanted a change, but if you guys really enjoyed it! It’s back!! Tehe.



For this look. I went something a bit more different. I’m wearing a few piece I’ve already blogged. Such as the pretty new bangles from Zaara, which is currently featured over at the darling Collabor88. I love them, I got all the items that were for sale. I’ve actually havent had a chance to go down to her store and check out her new stuff. Though, back in the day – she was all I wore. All of her scarves and such, we’re the bomb diggity. I’m also wearing a new shirt by Scars. I adore this shirt. It comes in nice fall colors, but I -as you all know- fucking love black. Cause I shit bats and I listen to marilyn manson and death is the only way to victory. Anyways, the beautiful rings are also at the collab, which is by Yummy. I fucking adore them! I set them so they’re all linked. Then I just set them up my slink hands so they fit correctly. The hair is from Blues. I really really like it. It’s a cute updo – though when you have alphas off it kinda looks like a big ass bun. I’m wearing two different hair bases so keep that in mind.  The bindi is from Pekka! I fucking love this shit. She’s amazing with her new stuff. I’m adoring her newest items. The mesh is very clean and the textures are pretty awesome. She always includes a hud in most of her pieces so it’s worth the lindens because the customization is awesome.




For this piece I’m wearing a few different items that I adore. The newest creation to come from the skinnery is the makeup im wearing, it’s called the wisdom makeup and has lip appliers for the loud mouth. It’s currently up for grabs at the secret affair! The darling eyes are old and they’re from Clemm. I love them, shes the best for fantasy/sci-fi eye contacts, whatever you wanna call them. The beautiful scarf, fur stole – is by May’s soul and it is new. It’s from The secret affair as well and I believe it’s part of the gacha machine! so take your best attempt at getting all the items. Totally worth it. The darling beautiful necklace is also from the TSA, I love the navaho style bird heads at the end of the circle. It comes in cold, silver and black. I wore the black one. It’s by Lassitude and Ennui.

Makeup – [theSkinnery] Wisdom makeup- TSA
lips: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam (Wear to unpack)
Lipstick – PEKKA
eyes: Clemmm – ReSnick eyes
hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual
hairbase2: PAPRBG. Twigs Hair Base FATPACK

Fur: *May’s Soul* Fur grey
headpiece: .Keystone. Woodlander Headpieces
dress: Emery Vietnam Fringed Dress Black – Collabor88
hair: HOMAGE — INVERSE : Ravens (unpacked) – KUSTOM9
necklace: lassitude & ennui for The Secret Affair – TSA
Necklace: [Haste] Moon Necklace FatPack – TSA
septum: .random.Matter. – Cthulhu Septum – Black
collar: .random.Matter. – Nagini Collar – V2
ears: AITUI – Ear System: squid gacha
bangleS: [} Jasha {] Tahta Bracelet II – Platinum
feet and hands: *OAL* Mecca Hand & Foot Coins




This look was probably my favorite and I have to give a big round of appausle to Haste for making this darling set! It’s her newest piece for TSA. She did a wonderful job and I love the style of the studded little gold bits on the front of the harness The necklace is in the picture above which is a small chain that is simple but still so elegant. It comes with a little moon charm on it. I thought it was perfect for the love above, but it’s in this round too at the TSA. The make up was my inspiration really to the look, thanks to Nox! It was just so fun and different. Great piece love it. The hair is something i modded for this look, it’s two different kinds, but fret not they’re listed.

lips: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam (Wear to unpack)
hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Casual
hairbase2: PAPRBG. Twigs Hair Base FATPACK
Makeup: NOX. Tuari – TSA
Eyes: {D.A} Nebula Nightfall
Hair1: HOMAGE — Frenchie : Essentials (unpacked)
Hair2: HOMAGE — Le Tribe : Ravens (unpacked) (MODIFIED)
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur

Headpiece: .Pekka. Ella circlet FATPACK (FANTASY COLLECTIVE)
Bracelets: *May’s Soul* Harvest moon bloggers – TSA
Panties: r2 A/D/E Kagetsu Panties – COLLABOR88
Top/Cuffs: [Haste] Moon Harness FatPack – TSA


Sorry for the weak post, but I’m exhausted and must get back to work tomorrow.

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A November Tale


I can’t recall the last time I took, advice from anyone
Shaped like a figure eight, who trusts pretty girls anyway?
And I can’t recall the last time I took advice from anyone
I’m sure I’ll be the death of me
And I can’t recall the last time I took love from anyone
I called daddy, who’s got one anyway?
Not me

That pretty baby


For this look I’m wearing tons of stuff from WE Love RP and The Secret Affair! I know it’s been out for a while now but I’ve been busy with work. Forgive me, friends. The darling new pieces are the beautiful head piece by Zenith. There’s going to come out with five or six different kinds. The flowers in different tones or ones with just the animal skull with beautiful gold chains/silver chains! See pictures below for more details on such. The piece is really nice and really well done. I know this is an item that is going to go for miles. I constantly keep going back to it and Zenith is so no stranger to creating beautiful mesh pieces in second life. The next little bit I’m wearing is May’s Soul Loto Hair Stick, I added that on to give it a cute little asian feel. The shadow completed my look which is currently at the Secret affair! It’s by Nox! I adore her work. She’s news to me, but clearly is a ventran when it comes to make some awesome make up designs. The hair is new and is a group gift that I got. It’s from Little bones, wearing the color that was first rezzed on when I put on the hair. I love her ombres and textures that she redid for her hair. They’re so natural and vivid. The chains are a mixture. 1. is from the Zenith piece. 2. is from the Noodles piece that is currently up at TSA.  The claws are also fucking amazing, check it out! So beautiful!!! I love them and they did such a good job. It’s so realistic and the mesh is just to die for.

Skin: [PF] – Doll V2
Mouth: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam (Wear to unpack)
Eyeshadow: NOX. Totem Shadow [Pink]
Tattoo: #adored – swagga shine bright cheek tattoo
Hair base: PAPRBG. Twigs Hair Base FATPACK
Hair: little bones. Horrowshow – FULL GIFT
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Eyes: {D.A} Sinistre – Couleur Noisette

Septum: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Septum Ring – Steels
Ears AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS – Grey Rat
Hairstick: *May’s Soul* Loto hair stick gold
Chain: .Pekka. Thick chain collar – Gold
Bindi: [CX] Hua Dian Blogger Box (WEAR) (unpacked)
Headpiece =Zenith=gypsy divine wreath (Pink & Gold)Head part rigged
Head Wreath: =Zenith=gypsy divine wreath (Gold) Chain part rigged
Chain: Noodles – Camille Chain
Claws: Bliensen + MaiTai – Rawwr – Claws – GOLD – We<3RP WELOVERP


Fancy AF

For this look I have to say I re-created a Thai Sticks look. Thai and I are both asian, we both love anime style looks and we’re just asian chic IRL. So I have to say I was very much inspired by her. She gave me the Fox neckwarmer which she had won at a gacha. The socks are from the xiasumi school festival. I don’t know if it’s still going on but just area search and you should find it within the event. The garters are by Le Forme! I adore them and not only is the pretty much the only who is creating appliers for the mesh body, her texture work is fucking fab and easy to use! The newest piece of RANDOM MATTER is stunning and fucking amazing. Just look at my detailed picture! it’s stunning. It’s at the Secret affair. The necklace is from Aisling an item that I’ve blogged before. The hair is from Spellbound and it’s at the Sad November Event!

Skin: [PF] – Doll V2
Mouth: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam (Wear to unpack)
Eyeshadow: NOX. Totem Shadow [Pink]
Hair: little bones. Horrowshow – FULL GIFT
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
brows: ::LustRage::Mariko Brow v2 1
Tattoo: #adored – swagga shine bright cheek tattoo
Hair: +Spellbound+ Bramble // Monochromes {WEAR}

Collar: .Pekka. Thick chain collar – Gold
Collar2: .random.Matter. – Nagini Collar – V2
Nose Chains: .random.Matter. – Orianthi Nose Chain V1 – Copper
Braclets: (Yummy) Rings Of Saturn Set – Gold
Septum: .random.Matter. – Rasputina Septum Ring – Gold
Flowers: .random.Matter. – Valeria Flower Crown – Gold – TSA
Chains: =Zenith=gypsy divine wreath (Gold) Chain part rigged - TSA
Face: [KOOQLA] Pheasant tattoo (black) – TSA
Socks: :NuDoLu: Tabi chaussettes + Zori – Nihon – xiasumi school festival
Fox: + Familiar Spirit Inari Brother+.boxed. RARE {aii} – Gift from thai sticks <3

Like a calm

This look was inspired by the head piece once more, but for this one I added another piece by Sigi of iQed! I fucking love her work, it’s the tits. Check out the beautiful texture and shading on the mesh. Just brilliant. She always goes above and beyond and her customer service is impebacable. The darling head piece also comes with a neat little hud to help ya out on customizing the wreath. The animal skull is the other Zenith style head dress they made. The socks are from monso. They’re old but I still rock them. About these ones, you can wear your alpha hud with your mesh body to delete the mesh – it works great, which is rare for us mesh body lovers. The shirt is new and it’s from the newest Collabor88. The necklace is a piece made from Pekka! I adore her collars. I just make my open collar invisible and wear hers, cause they’re not script, but it works out great. The lipstick is also by Pekka, for the nyam nyam mouth. Which is awesome cause I’m having a hard time finding lipsticks for them, so thank you so much. The hair is out at the Sad November from Little bones!

Mouth: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam (Wear to unpack)
Hair: little bones. Occult Club – Landslide
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
brows: ::LustRage::Mariko Brow v2 1
Tattoo: #adored – swagga shine bright cheek tattoo
Hair base: PAPRBG. Twigs Hair

Headpiece: =Zenith= Hun Archmage Antler (Begie) - TSA
Shirt: [Decoy] Mira Blouse – Sienna – COLLABOR88
Necklace: [BODY FACTORY] LX Necklace (Gold) –  THE SHOWROOM Headpiece2: .Keystone. Muse Headpiece // Box – TSA
Headwreath: ieQED flower.wreath.blogger -
Socks: [monso] My Leg Warmer – Color Pack2

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And now people talk to me, but nothing ever hits home
And people talk to me, and all the voices just burn holes
I’m done with it
This is the start of how it all ends
They used to shout my name, now they whisper it

THC Kinda Chick

For this look, I have to thank some friends of mine.

Fear Coy – Thank you so much for putting up with my annoying questions regarding the nyam nyam mouth and appliers and thank you so much for sharing me some top secert info! <3 You’re the best and it means a lot to me.
Wolfy, for helping me get some kind of a collar or shoulder attitre for me cape jacket.

The top is from PEQE in her new round at the FGC, it’s in the current round so hop on over and check it out. The black is a rare but there are tons of other options to choose from. She is also giving away these adorable sashes too. Which are really nice and I’ll be blogging in the future. I added a collar from a jacket, which my friend Wolfy showed me her little trick. It’s actually worth the 450L because you can use the hud to change the fur colours! Love!!! The hair is by Homage, which is an old favorite of mine. I’m really tired so I can’t get the slur at this moment. Sorry guys, it’s like 2am.  I’m fucking in love with their hair. It’s unique and stands out from the rest, a bitch to fit, but once you got it. It was worth the pain. The jewelry is pretty much from Aisling – the smaller ones are from the new collabor88! The face paint is new and it’s by NOX for the new SECRET AFFAIR. Yup and this round is totally fucking worth it, kiddo’s. I adore everything I’m getting so I can’t wait to show you guys. She also has this really awesome eyeshadow which is on my next upcoming post. I love it, warpaint always makes you look a bit more gorean chic and stand out from the rest. So to get some good quality ones or ones that don’t distort the face is nice. The staff in the first main picture is also in the secret affair. Happens to be my favorite little item right now. It seems that FDD will be using this as a gacha. This is a rare, so get those lindens ready boys and gals!

Mouth: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam (Wear to unpack)
Skin: Can’t tell, Thai Sticks showed me, sorry <3
Hair: HOMAGE — Le Tribe : Ravens (unpacked)
Brow Tat: #adored – street rat swag brow tattoo
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Hair Base: Amacci Hairbase Tattoos 2 – FAT PACK
Hair Base2: PAPRBG. Twigs Hair Base FATPACK

Rings: (Yummy) Elemental Ring Set
Collar: [Foxes] – Aviator Jacket – Black
Earrings: Ariskea {Attrape Moi } Earrings { Fairy } (unpacked)
Staff: FDD GS Harvest Staff *Rowan-SoulReaper* RARE – The Secret Affair
Facepaint: NOX. Dyami [Black] -The Secret Affair
Cape: Peqe – Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Ellaria Vest – Black RARE
Necklace .aisling. Willow Necklace -Long-
Collar Necklace: .aisling. Chimalma Necklace -NoMaterial-
Septum: .random.Matter. – Cthulhu Septum – Black
collar: .random.Matter. – Nagini Collar – V2
Ankles: [The Forge] Gypsy Braclets (Black)
Cuffs: .random.Matter. – Bastille Wrist Cuff – Black
Necklace3: Schadenfreude Water Digital Alchemy Stacked Necklaces
Love me Bling

This look is based around the dress which is currently for sale at the Collabor88. Now, back in the day when I was growing up I was obsessed with Courtney Love. I guess I channeled her for this look!! The hair is by Entwined in this months we love RP! Check it out! Comes with two different sizes as well as color HUDs so that nice to switch it up quickly and worth the lindens. The Necklace is from random matter and I loved the tear drop shape! It’s fucking beautiful. The little ball in the middle reminded me of something an oracle would wear.

-Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.02
Ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS – Grey Rat
Eyes: Clemmm – Tender Hazel
Hair base: PAPRBG. Twigs Hair Base FATPACK
Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Cinnia [Brows 1] Nordic
Hair: [Entwined] Ivery – Fatpack – WE

Septum: .Pekka. Marcia septum – gold
Collar: .Pekka. Thick chain collar – Gold
Collar2: .random.Matter. – Nagini Collar – V2
Jewelry Set: Eclat – Multiset
Bindi: [CX] Hua Dian Blogger Box (WEAR) (unpacked)
Dress: ::HH:: Hucci Hopewell Slip Dress – Nude – COLLABOR88
Necklace: Schadenfreude Water Digital Alchemy Stacked Necklaces – COLLABOR88
Necklace2: .random.Matter. – Amory Necklace – Copper

Little Bird

This look was based around the wings!! I adoreee them! They will come in a rose color, a steel and a blue/gold one which is what I’m wearing. I love how she made the textures so crisp and clear. The realistic shading makes my look pop! I love love these wings. The claws are from We <3 RP! I hope you all are enjoying your buys! This one is good for slaves for rp and fighting (NO gm SCRIPTS) I guess I mean more so for the roleplay purpose. Again, I’m fucking tired. The skirt and top are from COLLABOR88 by R2. I love it! Sexy and playful!

Mouth: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam (Wear to unpack)
Skin: Can’t tell, Thai Sticks showed me, sorry <3
Hair: HOMAGE — Le Tribe : Ravens (unpacked)
Brow Tat: #adored – street rat swag brow tattoo
Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.03
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Hair Base: Amacci Hairbase Tattoos 2 – FAT PACK
Hair Base2: PAPRBG. Twigs Hair Base FATPACK
Ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS – Grey Rat
Eyes: Clemmm – Tender Hazel

Warpaint: NOX. Totem Shadow [White] – TSA
Wings: *LE* Iron Wings Aqua – WE<3RP
Claws: Bliensen + MaiTai – Rawwr – Claws – Gold – WE<3RP
Top: r2 A/D/E kagetsu top[white] – COLLABOR88
Skirt: r2 A/D/E kagetsu skirt[white] – COLLABOR88
Arm bands: Luas Vega Common – Bracelets Golden – FGC NOV
collar .Pekka. Chunk chain BLOGGERS
Civica: GSPOT: Junipers Corona Civica
Septum: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Septum Ring – Steels

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Fuck you all the time



Early in the morning’s when I think about you
I hit you like what you sayin’
And the morning when I wanna fuck you
Yeah, I hit you like what you sayin’
I could fuck you all the time
I could fuck you all the time

seductive clarity

For this look it’s all about the new pieces from Zaara at the new COLLABOR88. They’re fucking beautiful and I love them. Check out her new piece. They’re the shit. The amount of detail, the lighting and realism on the textures is just suberb! I adore the dainty gyspy style piece it self. It does have an old Voodoo feel to it. The darling aged silver tainted metal vibe is uber perfect and I adooooree this style off antique jewelry irl. The hair is also from this round of Collabor as well. It’s by Rowne and I think she’s my new hairstylist in SL for a while. She’s got some really nice textures in the hud and the best part her little bun hair was only 88L! Perfect and my kind of shopping at the COLLAB! Then I’m rocking the sweet new bodysuit LE FORME. I adore that she is one designer who is making hot modern looks for the MESH BODY. Not just SLINK and WOWMEH, the actual best mesh body in SL right now – The Project Mesh Body! Yes, ladies and gent’s she’s made about 5 different looks – or outfits. I fucking love her to pieces for doing that. Anyways, The binidi is currently up at this new round of WELOVERP  event! Click the link to get there and get all the delicious goodies!

Eyeliner: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.02
Makeup: #adored – go to liners
Tattoo: ::Lust.Rage::-Uxe tattoo
Ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS – Racoon
Skin; DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Cinnia [Brows 1] Nordic
Hairbase: PAPRBG. Twigs Hair Base FATPACK
Hair: Rowne.Sasha – Achromatics (Wear) – COLLABOR88

Septum: .random.Matter. – Cthulhu Septum – Black
Collar: .random.Matter. – Nagini Collar – V3
Bindi: [CX] Hua Dian Blogger Box (WEAR) (unpacked)
Jewelry: Zaara : Banjara kada
Bodysuit: [LF] Volup Bodysuit Noir WowMeh/TMP Appliers


This look is a bit old but again, one that I love. May’s soul was rocking some sweet armor shit lately, a few months back. This is an item she made with a dress set. The Pompeya set. I adore them. It comes with a HUD too so you can switch it up a bit. Which is really nice May is doing that with her work. Customizing and making one main piece more unique or with your own twist can switch it up so people don’t look the same. The Fur over the shoulder is by May as well! came with a dress! The Garters are from the new SAD NOVEMBER event. Which is where the Bodysuit also came from by Le Forme! The garters are by Obscure!!! I loved some of the pieces, but the shitty thing is it doesn’t really fit well with my mesh body. so, I didn’t really wear them that long. The hair is old and it’s from Soonski, which is the only dreaded hair I will wear in sl. Aisling has been around for a while, well earned reputation for great customer service, immaculate prim work and they’re textures so crisp you ooze for their items. They’re a great team and I love blogging for them. <3! The pins in my hair are by Bilensen and Maitai from the old We love RP. It’s at their store though. I did see it there!! I love the little arrows that poke out of my hair and such!! It’s fucking adorable

Makeup: #adored – street rat swag brow tattoo
Hair: .*Soonsiki! Kaleidoscope *Blacks*
Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Cinnia [Brows 1] Nordic
Eyes: Clemmm – Tender Eggshell
Mouth: [ PXL ] OpenMouthPRO Basic Pack [ Wear ME ]
Tattoo: ::LustRage:: Mariko Brow & Tattoo BOX
Eyeliner: #adored – go-to liners
Hair Base: PAPRBG. Twigs Hair Base FATPACK
Ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS – Racoon

Feather Shoulders/Headpiece: *May’s Soul* Pompeya
Necklace: . aisling . Emily Necklace
Chain: .Pekka. Third eye head chain – Gold
Septum: .random.Matter. – Cthulhu Septum – Black
Collar .random.Matter. – Nagini Collar – V3
Bindi: [CX] Hua Dian – WE LOVE RP NOV
Pins: Bliensen + MaiTai – Took an Arrow – Hairpins + Corsage We Ring and Bangle: Eclat – Multiset
Leg Garters: OBSCURE – Mystical Leg Harness Black
Bodysuit: [LF] Dolly Bodysuit Noir Mesh Bodies Appliers



I have to thank a wonderful person in my group for giving me their extras from the gacha this round. My dear sweet friend Pru. Thank you so much for giving me this skirt. You made me pretty and I love it. It’s the new set by !GO! it’s a fucking awesome look, it’s realistic and fits great with my battle slut character. The shield on the hip is by May’s soul, one of my favorite pieces she ever made. The chain around my chest is by Noodles! I love this simple piece of jewelry. It made my girl pop and gave it that umf it needed without taking over my peasent slave girl look. The arm bands are by Pekke! The darling wing collar, the fancy ankle cuffs and necklace is by the best mesh creator so far – so many options – AiSLiNG!! I adoreeeee them so much. They’re the best hands down!!!

Makeup: #adored – street rat swag brow tattoo
Hair: .Olive. the Mir Hair – Satin
Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Cinnia [Brows 1] Nordic
Eyes: Clemmm – Tender Eggshell
Mouth: [ PXL ] OpenMouthPRO Basic Pack [ Wear ME ]
Tattoo: ::LustRage:: Mariko Brow & Tattoo BOX

Cuffs:.:GSpot:. Fashun Cuffs gold
Armbands: .Pekka. Luxi arm band – left – gold
Belt: * May’s Soul* Musa belt gold brown
Skirt: !gO! Women Ranger skirt 2 – FANTASY GACHA – GIFT FROM PRU <3
Nose Chain: .random.Matter. – Orianthi Nose Chain V1 – Copper
Jewelry Set: . aisling . Elyan Jewelry Set
Chest Chain: Noodles – Camille Chain Blogger Sample



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Cherry Blossom

who is that girl


In role play I’ve been surrounded by a bunch of pani’s a few weeks ago. So I’ve been transforming my own rp into a little geisha slut. I’ve never really read about pani’s but it is sure to dress up as one. I do know, I’m not a contract woman. I’m a slave at heart. So… forgive me if I have it all wrong.

My friend had teleported me to the new event that all pretty much kawaii, Japanese based clothing, Japanese cultured items. I fucking fell in love. I’m Japanese and half black irl. So this really took a hold of me. I dropped probably like 10k and I’m still going back to get items. The best items I thought I would share  are here in my picture. Thank you Kenzo Gateaux and his team for putting on such an amazing event! Xiasumi School Festival is where most of my items are from. http://xiasumi.com << That’s the link to their website.

First off, I got a shield that is currently in this round of the fantasy gacha carnival. Thank you Kioko! You’re amazing. It’s fucking suberb! Check out the beautiful detail and the wonderful little Asian style add-ons. The fan really catches you eyes. It’s not just the fan, but also the rugged style weapons attached. I adore her new Aztec shields that are at the gacha. I posted a photo on my last post of all the ones you could win. The robe is by MelonBunny. Which is currently at the Xiasumi festival. I adore her piece it’s fucking gorgeous, you can wear an under robe if you’re a free woman/contract woman, but I’m a slave so I left it open. It also comes with the traditional bustle in the front or back, but again… I left it to be more bare and open. Maybe next time! The eyes are at the festival as well. It’s the new Clemmm set of eyes! I put both on, they’re listened. The Choker, hair bow and necklace is from Mandala which I’m happy they made the traditional style prints on their bows. Fucking adorable. The claws I’m wearing are by Sigi of iQed!! Ugh she’s amazing with her mesh and textures. I really like them because in rp I use them a lot for unbinding or cut off peoples weapons that are strapped tot hem!! great addition!

Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Cinnia [Brows 1] Nordic
Eyes: Clemmm – Tender Hazel/Eggshell
Hair: .Olive. the Little Hair Buns
Eyeliner: #adored – go-to liners
Eyebrows: ::LustRage:: Mariko Brow & Tattoo BOX
Hair: .Olive. the Roo Hair – HUD 1

Hair Sticks: *May’s Soul* Loto hair stick gold
Headband and Choker: [MANDALA]OBI-BOW(Kabuki-RED) Wear ME!
Stick and Necklace: [MANDALA]SHIPPOAH Jewelry set -RED (wear ME to unpack!)
Flower: [MANDALA]Miyabi-corsage-(Red)wear me!
Robe: {MB} Furisode Robe Mameha
Sakura: {MB} Obi Aka Sakura
Claws: ieQED MRF.blogger
Collar: .Pekka. Thick chain collar – Gold
Bangles: [The Forge] Gypsy Braclets (Gold)

Weapons: =Kio= Aztec Shield – Asian

lovely in lace

For this look I got the new free hair which is from Little Bones. I’m wearing the texture that comes with the hair on first add-on. I love the tone! It’s a beautiful ombre affect, which she nailed. The garters are from Boom that I picked up at the last big show event. The head piece is new and it’s from the fantasy gacha as well. Thank you!! Isn’t it darling! I love that she is so OCD and makes her head pieces to perfection. It comes with in different tones so you can also get gold if you want. The last outfit is new from the Uber event! I love erratic. She’s amazing with her textures and mesh as well. Like look at this out! It’s gorgeous thanks to her. The bracelets are new as well from Iqed. I adore them. It’s like a simple buddah style wooden bracelets. These too come with a hud to switch up the tones, styles that you want to rock. The necklace and collar I bought over at the mainstore at Random Matter! Fucking love that girls stuff!

Makeup: Go & See * Metalic 2 * Black
Hair: little bones. Feline – FULL GIFT – GROUP GIFT
Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Cinnia [Brows 1] Nordic
Eyes: Clemmm – Tender Hazel/Eggshell
Hair: .Olive. the Little Hair Buns
Eyeliner: #adored – go-to liners
Eyebrows: ::LustRage:: Mariko Brow & Tattoo BOX
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur

Necklace: .random.Matter. – Amory Necklace – Black
Septum: .random.Matter. – Cthulhu Septum – Black
Collar: .random.Matter. – Nagini Collar – V2
Corset: erratic / alexis – corset / nude
Lingerie: erratic / giselle – lingerie / black
Claws: ieQED claw.ring.silver.left [#TheMeshProject .relaxed.40]
Garter: *BOOM* Noony Garter Set (pitch)
Headpiece: .Pekka. Maxi headdress gacha RARES – FANTASY GACHA
Braclets: ieQED harrison.bracelet.all – WE ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS – Grey Rat
Bangles: [The Forge] Ailida’s Bangles (Black) (Box)
Ring: .random.Matter. – Ariadne Ring – Black

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she owned the night

I’m gunna love you, until you hate me.
I’m gunna show you, what’s really crazy.
You should have known better… than to mess with me, bb.

bitch like a crow

So WE <3 RP is on right now and so if the Fantasy Gacha! I’ve got a few friends who asked me fi I wanted to blog stuff from the Gacha which is really super sweet of them and I’m honored to help them out because my friends are fucking talented. The shield is what I did my look around. First off. Let me just give Kioko the credit she deserves. She has a store, called Panda Express. I stopped by and checked it out, I’ve blogged a few items but I got lost with the blogging world and just started doing events instead of going to stores. Which is kind of sad because they’re are so many designers out there who aren’t shown enough love. Kioko has been in a few events she told me, but this one is a big one. I am honored my friend and wonderful raiding buddy asked me to blog her new shields. Not only are they GM scripted, but they’re off the charts. The mesh work and the textures she put into this is phenomal. It gives you that something that you need. Shields are so typical and finally someone like Kioko was creative enough to do something otuside of the box. We all sometimes rock our sheaths. So why not jazz them up. I for one think it’s more of a bejeweled type of style for the weapon world! These darling wings are in her gacha machine and they are a rare. The leg harness is from an old we love rp, seSeptemberound! it’s by Noodles. The darling make up is by Adored. I love her lips and eyeshadow they’re not too over done and they don’t look caked on. it has a natural feel. She’s fucking awesome too for customer service. I bought something inincorrectlynd she was a total help on getting it fixed. Thank you for that speedy service! The hair is from Little bones and I cannot tell you enough how much I love her work. I think I boosted on my last post but she’s the best. The collar is fucking dope and it’s from Pekke. I’ve been looking for months for a simple normal collar. She did it! thank you! I don’t want to have big ass chains, or this steel thing. Sometimes it’s nice to have a simple color. I did recolor mine though. It is open collar scripted, so that’s the only thing that made me frown. I wish it was the swift collar scripts because I am a battle slut of gor, but at least someone can leash me in RP and such. So that’s awesome of Pekke to include that feature instead of it being just cosmetic. Get it over at the new Sad November Event!! The Chest warp is part of Peqe’s outfit for the We love RP event which is currently open to set there now!!! I love Pege she’s always bringing out something that’s different from the rest. It’s also simple so you can always wear it. A timeless piece that is able to reused in a many different outfits for different characters. The second collar is by Random Matter! I got it from the Sad November Event! Comes with three different versions, but I only got V2 and V3. I didn’t really care for the one with frills, but if you down with that lolita look, I recommend getting it. It comes with a HUD to change the band colors, the metal shackle and the bits of metal in the middle. Awesome!

Eyeliner: #adored – go to liners – smoked out
Eyeliner Prim: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.02
Mouth: [ PXL ] OpenMouthPRO Basic Pack [ Wear ME ]
Ears: AITUI – Ear System: Gen 4, ACRYL*IMALS – Grey Rat
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Skin: [the Skinnery] Quiana – Bare face(toffee)
Body: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Basic Body(f)
Eyebrows: ::Lust.Rage::-Sarabi Brow
Hair: little bones. Heartthrob – B&W (unpacked)r
Hair Base: Paperbag. Twigs 4 Hair Base

Collar: .Pekka. Thick chain collar – Gold – SAD NOV EVENT
Collar 2: .random.Matter. – Nagini Collar – V3 – MAINSTORE
Bracelet: Goth1c0: Samantha Bracelet – Black w gold – SAD NOV EVENT
Chest: PEQE – Rough Princess/Chest strap – Black – WE

Legs: Noodles – Aphrodite Collection Black



My little Kajira! how I love her. She’s fucking so cute. In this look I want to mention this rad new corset, bustier madien top that’s by the awesome Pixicat! She did an awesome job and the customizing on this shirt is unreal. You get to change the actual shirt below the vest. Which is awesome for switching it up and wearing it with other items. I thought this top would fit perfectly with the PFC Drunkard belt. So if you’re roleplaying a Tavern slut, this look is perfect. Check out Keystone – Amyee Monks new head piece, it’s called Etherin. I fucking love Amyees work, shes always creating something unique for us ladies. She really is a beautiful person and a great designer. I’m proud to blog for her. Not to mention support her work. check it out over at Keystone!
Eyeliner: #adored – go-to liners
Eyeliner Prim: -Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no no.02
Mouth: [ PXL ] OpenMouthPRO Basic Pack [ Wear ME ]
Beauty Marks: Just Magnetized – Visage Beauty Marks set 08
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur
Skin: [the Skinnery] Quiana – Bare face(toffee)
Body: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Basic Body(f)
Eyebrows: ::Lust.Rage::-Sarabi Brow
Hair: +Spellbound+ Bramble // Monochromes {WEAR} Sad November

Headpiece: .Keystone. Etherin [Box]
Collar: .Pekka. Thick chain collar – Gold Sad November
Cuffs: [The Forge] Gypsy Braclets (Gold)
Top: -Pixicat- Maiden.Top (All) – WE LOVE RP NOVEMBER
Belt: PFC~Role Belt – Drunkard (brown)

Aztech Shield Gatcha Ad


Too tired. Goodnight <3

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