Alright !!! Gunna be busy again!

I’m gonna be pretty busy for a couple days here. I’m trying to work on my store a little bit, boyfriends outta town, Hayden, and trying to make some new clothes with my own sculpts. Yes, it’s pretty chaotic trying to have a little business on sl, a blog and take care of a baby but you know what. I love the pressure of having 29384 things to do. That’s why I started blogging. I had too much free time on my hands. I’ve been walking, enjoying the winter weather, exercising, cleaning like a mad woman and trying to teach my daughter letters. I’m enjoying this work load but at the same time I have to priorities my options. The LostNFound is going to have to take it easy for a while. Just small short posts for in advance I’m sorry!

-Time to Crack The Whip-

For this look I have a few things to talk about. I adore Toast Bard’s new skin, just like the rest of sl. I just want to say I love my face because of her. Thanks, Toast. The bag is really old, it’s from this cute little store by Jen Blackhawk. I hope you can find it, like I said it’s really old. I use to use my dad’s old binocular case for my toys and stuff. The clipboard is by Red Columbia. I adore her store. There’s something for everyone in there. I will return when I have more money to burn. Honestly, if you want to be in a hip wheelchair, check it out! If you wanna vacuum your house or iron your sl husbands clothes like a real Betty Crocker, check out her store! From band aids to notepads, snot rags to turkey! she has it all!

-Gabby Gabby-

The beautiful dress is fairly old to my inventory but I must blog it! it’s been on my “Must Blog” list for weeks. I keep neglecting my beautiful dress. Thanks to Gabby Lime, the Endless Cycle dress comes in four different colours. Red, purple, brown, white. The sculpted prims are adorable, the float down your body in a sweet manner. The top sculpted fits to my blossoms like a glove. Nay-nahnah. *shakes her bomboms* I love it! The tights are from paper couture and I thought they went well with this outfit! The glasses are from Vive9!! I love big ugly duckling glasses, because for some reason they make you look beautiful, even though this huge ugly glasses are covering your face, your eyes pop and sparkle! Hence why I have my own urkle glasses irl. I wore Stiletto Moodys’ Glam Bootie! I love these. The sculpt is amazing. The chains on the side are insane too because of the shading! It’s a great buy!!

-Just Chill-

My look for relaxing. I wore these badass shoes by Rawdolls! Oh god!! I LOVE THEM! My friend showed me them as soon as he got them. I thank him dearly because I’ve been looking for a pair of these shoes irl and failed. I want to order online but I hate visa payments, I hate debt and I hate credit. I love the fact that these high tops come in two versions. All black or this half black and half cream. It cost 480L for each version. You need to type WMD in search for a tp. Also it’s located at “Weird Monkey Designs” but it’s Rawdolls Revenge I think? The socks are by Miu and who doesnt wear wool sucks with their high-tops, sneaks, boots in the winter time. Us Canucks huh? Always wanting to keep ourselves warm from head to toe!

You stay classy Second Life ❤ Kenz.

Something New:
 Clipboard & Pencil - -RC- Clipboard (boxed) - Redd Columbia
 Scarf: (Milk Motion) my silk scarf *plaid* (female) - 50L Friday
 Leggings: DUBOO*Woodcutter's Daughter leggings 1 (S)
 SKIN: (fd) Bird Skin - Cactus Pear <<< WANTS MORE <3 LOVE LOVE
 Skirt: oyakin*fril-miniskirt(green
Something Old:
 Bag: Brown Binocular Case Side - Jen Blackhawk
 Eyelashes:  Deviant Prim Lashes 01 KENZIE
 Earmuffs: /artilleri/ Knit earmuffs! (CHIN) *white*
 Hair: Miau Haus ^^ Donovan Hair M/ LiquoriceBlack - Hair Fair 09
 Boots: ANEXX_LaceupBoots_Gray/Female_[Box]
 Eyes: **DP**Yumyum - Mooneyeyes - Brown
 Jacket: Narwhal tweedle dee
Not Too New, Not Too Old:
 Shirt: **DP**yumyum:simple long T(blue)
Poses: [LAP] Dont Fall, [lap] DW Wannabe Diva, [lap] sugar-adorable
Something New:
 Hair: Maitreya Alex - Charcoal
 Dress: Endless Cycle Dress by Gabby Lime < White  (Found at Narwhal, Von trips)
 skin: (fd) Bird Skin - Rosie Grew Wings
 Something Old:
 Bag: [Armidi Gisaci] Porta Corsico Bag - Black
 Eyelashes:  Deviant Prim Lashes (deviant kitties)
 Bangles: ZC : Nizam Choodiya (bangles) gold *white* L (zaara)
 Necklace: pc; Polished Stone Necklace (paper couture)
 Ring: *PR* Gold Octopus Ring (Left) {Prim Rampage)
 Tights: PC; Tights - Grey 2 (Paper Couture)
 Boots: Stiletto Moody Glam Bootie (White) - BOX
Not too New, Not too Old:
Glasses: (vive9) Risky Readers [abyss]
 pda -[cp] mira lee
 pda - [pa] country of last things
 *slc* pose 04 (p4)
look 3
Something New:
 Socks: *MIU* knit socks < miu Villota
 Hair: Maitreya Alex - Peroxide Blond
 Sneakers: Rawdolls - Pitchbull Hi-cake [boxed]
 Skin: (fd) Bird Skin - Rosie Grew Wings
 Something Old:
 Shirt: *K&CO* Half Tank Sports Wear - black
 Bag: Penny Patton - Satchel
 eyelashes:  Deviant Prim Lashes
 stole: (Creamshop) Check Charm Stole (grey) S
 Pants: NoaR Sweat Pants *gray
 Eyes: Classics:brown *DP*Yumyum
Not too new, not too old:
 Sweater: !Ohmai : Nina Sweater WILDWINE

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