Gotta Love Second Life!

Really second life? is this necessary? You know it’s no big deal at all. My mom and I pay like 100 USD to have this land, but it’s no big deal. It’s only a massive huge tons wicked slot of lag thats sitting right down below where my store is. I’m not sure what these little things say in the lag meter. What I do know is that I’ve been to many sims that have huge resolutions for their textures, massive sculpted prims and alpha everywhere. Not to mention the scripts that surround the building. I’ll also take this time to inform you all that my sim is basically half empty unless this place is FILLED with skyboxes that are destroying the sim. I’m just baffled that this lag is so bad. I’ve never been in a sim where the lag was this bad. I’ve been considering finding another home store location. I’m really upset because I just hate moving, I hate change period. Plus my mother and I are renting half a sim at a very good price. I just hate to pass up 7000 prims for something more expensive and only around 700 prims.

I hope LL fixes this and answers my ticket prompt! I would like to apologize to all of you who have been trying to shop, check out my store and hang around the freebie chairs! I know the lag is bad. That’s most likely why my  customers aren’t getting the items, things are being set properly and permissions are screwed. Eff this.

❤ Kenz


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