Good Day!

Hows it going, Lovers?!

Today I have a very adorable look for you all and I hope you like it as much as I do!
First off let me give a big standing ovation to the best hair creators for sending out these wonderful gifts! Truth, you are a wonderful man and talented with your sculpts and texturing!!! Thank you for such a wonderful group gift! I love it!! Secondly! I love these lumber/lodge type of sweaters from NoaR! They’re so warm and cozy looking, it makes me want to take a trip over to Bachans house and show her so she can knit me some!

Let’s begin shall we. As you can tell my two top finds for today was Noar and Truth. I adore these items! They’re freaking amazing. I know I need to calm down it’s only pixel clothing, but honestly. The scarves are deadly. The sweaters are all season. It’s a great buy and a great gift. Who doesn’t want to rant on about how wonderful they are.

The hat I am wearing is an old gift form COCO. I loved it, very couture but at the same time you can dress it down so it’s not so fancy looking. It may look a bit funny, because my head is HUGE, so forgive me for that. I love the little sculpted bow and the shiny texture of it still has the felt feel but still shows some render glossy-ness.

The skin is by Toast Bard, loving the nude lips and the pretty natural eyeshadow scheme. I’m still in love with Maitreyas new hair, Alex in peroxides. I’m digging the full bangs look and the wispy strands of hair. It’s like a rocker chic meets boho indie gal. I’m feeling it. I wore NoaR’s sweater, Cowichan. I love the texture they used for the knited pattern, the adorable little deco on the arms and chest of the shirt. Something my Bachan would totally make for me, but not in these colours. I guess that’s why I love it so much, not to mention when it hits -4 celsius. I’m all about the wool/knitted/sheep wool/WARM sweaters. I love the sculpted prim they used for the hem of the sweater. It’s bussels out below in a natural feeling. It gives the perfect effect. I love the little bottom too where a band would be or something like that. I love this sweater and would wear it in the summer, spring and fall. Very seasonal. I’m wearing this cute skirt by, Niniko! I seen it on someone elses blog. That’s how I shop I guess, steal pieces from others *snorts* That’s not a good thing. I love the denim striped conductor look! The sculpted overall straps are cute and dont bother my av at all! It’s a little tricky to mod the skirt, but it is a good skirt to wear with an AO. I love Truths December group gift. The scarf is adorable as you can see from my pictures. Scarves are pretty self-explanatory and I already expressed how much I love it earlier. My boots are by the beautiful and talented Marie of Milk Motion! Going bold is something all outfits should have, the hat, scarf and boots are my bold statements. RED RED RED AND GREEN = CHRISTMAS!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the look ❤ Take care and have a great day!

Something New:
 Mittens: Reek - Cozy Mittens - Gray
 Hair: Maitreya Alex - Peroxide Blond
 Sweater: NoaR Cowichan sweater
 TRUTH Group Gift 9 December 09 - Red Striped
Something Old:
 Hat: *COCO*_Hat_Red(group Gift)
 Fishnets: *blowpop* Seamed Fishnet Tights w/Panty -Red- (legs) 1
 Eyes: **DP**Yumyum - Mooneyeyes - Brown Classic
Not Too New, Not Too Old:
 Skirt: "NINIKO"Hickory Overall_miniskirt
 Boots: (Milk Motion) my leather boots *red*
 @waffles [ac] honeybear
 @waffles mysteries
 @waffles [ac] nonono

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