I’m sorry my beautiful blog.

I’ve been extremely busy with irl and sl. Mostly real life. My boyfriend has only a week left before he comes home with lots of money. I’m hoping one, we get a car. Two, I get my nikon d90 that he smashed in a parking lot because he forgot to check and see if I had stuff in the bottom of the stroller. Three, a new laptop (because I gave him my old one and he destroyed it) Or just a wonderful little small home-made present from my beautiful baby. Any three of those would make me such a happy woman.

Christmas shopping has been hell for me. As some of you may know I had a horrible day yesterday. I went to walmart and lets just say I left crying. I’m getting really forgetful these days and really (just going to say it) retarded. I feel really stupid and my memory seems to have some holes or something! I just forget so easily and I’m sorry to people who have sent me stuff to blog. My life is packed full right now with things to do!

The first outfit is so cute and warm! For some reason I’m in this stage of wearing dresses even though it may be Winter time. I’m wearing dresses a lot. Both real life and Second Life. I top off my outfit with leggings and warm socks. Tall boots or ankle boots are a must with dresses in the winter time I believe. Unless it’s a formal event. I’m wearing this wonderful draped, rompy, dress by Beetlebones. I love the way she made her wrinkles on the sculpted bottom of the shirt. Then it goes down into this beautiful flexi prim skirt, which I adore aswell. The detail of the skirt looks so realistic with the pelts and folds. I love the little arm cuffs that sway outwards. I wore Saikins rabbit fur scarf (faux). I’m digging it! Even though some may say it looks like balls of dung on a rope, but it’s a little muffled scarf! A little something different! I’m wearing Reeks winter mitts. I told you all from the beginning that they’re just that good, you can’t take them off! I haven’t since I’ve gotten them, but this is the last time I will blog about them for a while. I’m sure you’re like KENZIE TAKE THOSE GLOVES OFF NOW! The hair is last weeks release by Truth, I’m late on blogging about it. I love that we can retexture the headband but of course that is expected. It’s truth. The tights are new from Doppleganger Inc. Digging the stripped pattern! The wrinkles around the knee’s are very well done I might also add.

The next day I wore this trashy rocker look. I’m really big in to die mannequin right now, dead honey and other songs by them. I also like Taylor Momsen (don’t hate) My biggest fashion influences are Courtney Love, Edie Sedgwick, Taylor Momsen, Rihanna annndd Jack White (I know he’s a dude, but I’ll wear what he’s wearing). I don’t know all their styles combined make’s me. So I guess you could say, I do dress like what I’m wearing in this picture by I try not to around Hayden. We at least put the hooker boots away and the pants go on. I’m wearing the deadly skirt from Emery, it’s been a long love of mine for a while. I love the colours (red and black are my fave) and stripes are another fave of mine. I’m wearing Surf Co’s drapey Driftwood Tank top! I wore my favourite hat in second life, Lamb’s Mister hat! Then the hair is by Maitreya! I love love this sloppy bed head look with the full bangs! Next our the boots. God I love these boots, who doesn’t right? They’re sex on latex. Nuff said.

My look for today is pretty simple but I’ve been sporting it for two days so I thought it was cute enough to share. Seeing how I am wearing it around SL for multiple days. I think it’s adorable! The whole cami dress over top of a turtleneck with some rad printed nylon/tights. Topped off with some heavy boots! How can you not love it? I’m wearing Surf Co’s Collen dress in brown. I love the two sculpted prims she used. They fit so will with each other to give that tyed in drapped upper half and the loose-fitting cotton style skirt below. It’s so worth the money to buy it. I’m wearing Sop Toshys wonderful tights. She has a whole store on Tights, stockings, nylons etc. I love them. She has a variety of different style and prints! It’s bookmarked for me! I’m a little disappointed at this whole, have to pay to get into Sixety Nines sim, but I do love the hair! So I’ll reveal this adorable flirty hair style to you! It’s called Neguko! loooove it.

My old OLD OLD found treasure of the day is this french holder cigarette! By Foxy Smoke Shop! Visit the store and you can tell who old it really it just by the store.

You stay classy, Second Life.

Something New:
 Scarf:*+SAIKIN rabbit fur scarf brown (chest)
 Mitts: Reek - Cozy Mittens - Gray (Never taking them off. I love them that much)
 Tights: Doppelganger Inc. - Candy Cane Long Johns < Candy Cane
 Hair: >TRUTH< Lydia - light blondes
 Skin: (fd) Bird Skin - Honeycomb
Something Old:
 Boots: ETD Shoes: Rain Boots (Yellow)
 Eyes: **DP**Yumyum - Mooneyeyes - Brown
 Not too New Not too Old:
 Dress: bb**Dippin dots blossom dresses
 Turtleneck: **DP**yumyum:simple long T(mocha)
 @waffles - all is a game
 glow - paparazzi
 [lap] sugar icu


Something New:
 Hair: Maitreya Alex - Peroxide Blond
 Skin: (fd) Bird Skin - Honeycomb
Something Old:
 Eyelashes: <DK> Deviant Prim Lashes 01
 Hat: Lamb hat (Modded off of Mister hair)
 Nylons: *Sheer* Tights 28: Torn Opaque Black Upper
 Skirt: Emery - Skirt Striped (Old Favorite!!!)
 Eyes: Classics:brown - DPYumyum
 Jacket: (Madsy) Lost Sheep Leather Jacket + Sheer Tanktop
 Gloves: *LF* Trigger Happy Buckle Top (Fr) - In this shirt pack, Best gloves!!
 Tank: [SC] Surf Couture - Driftwood Tank - Black - Surf Co
Not too New, Not too Old:
 Boots: J's ThighHigh Boots ( 7Colors A ) - Foot Expo
 [lap][lap] ss beach babe too
 [lap] the boree pr4


Something New
 Tights: Black_Plover < *SHOP TOSHY*
 Hair: ::69:: NEGUKO - Light Brown Collection
 Skin: (fd) Bird Skin - Honeycomb
Something Old
 French Cigarette Holder and smoke : Alyssa Silver Bitchstick Enhanced (By Foxy Smooke Shop )
 Eyelashes: <DK> Deviant Prim Lashes 01 (Deviant Kitties)
 Cami Dress: [SC] Surf Couture - Colleen - Brown
 Turtle Neck: **DP**yumyum:simple long T(blue)
Not too New, Not too Old
 Boots: ANEXX_LeatherRidersBoots_Gray[BOX] (Thank You Machang<3)
 [pda] break in case of anything - esme
 [pda] death is not a parallel move - esme
 Lotta - model 141

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