Emma and I have known each other for a long time, I must say this. She started off this small, very cute and adorable store. It’s very interesting to watch a beginner designer start off with a tiny store and blossom into this huge production. Emma was small, shy and always polite. I’m very honored to know her. There’s only a handful of people out there who are pure, kind, and always positive. Even when she is frustrated I’ve never seen Emma lose her cool or temper. She’s always brushed it off or took some time to herself to take control of the situation again. She’s a wonderful girl! She will brighten your day even if it’s raining outside. I love her style, clothing and personality. She’s stayed true to her and her store all these years. Never conformed to anyone elses style or followed the latest trend. It’s always been this Cali style look! Forgive me Emma, if my outlook on you is wrong, but I think you’re a doll!

Surf Co’s newest release are these awesome hats. Now disregard what I said before hand and let’s pretend I don’t know her. The hat… is amazing. I’ve never seen a beanie with such realistic features. When I put it on and I was editing it to my shape… I couldn’t stop saying woah, wow, and ahh. It looked almost like a cut out from a magazine or something. The shadows are what scream BUY ME I’M WORTH IT! Because it is. Lets not forget her sculpted hair pieces and the wonderful textures. I’m not sure about the long strips because I had some trouble modding it to my head shape, (I have a huge head) but once I got it on right, the whole thing looked beautiful. I love the knitted texture she used on the beanie. The little pom-pom at the end of the slouched look tip of the hat is also another great add-on. It can go with anything and it’s perfect to match it up with Reek’s Mitts and Scarf. That’s exactly what I did. I know my outfit is rather blah than what I normal reveal but I’ve been feeling a little… Blah lately. I love Reek’s winter stuff. I’ve seen a preview (Teaser) of his collaboration with Tiny Bird (Autumn, you sly fox). IT WILL SHOCK YOU AND ALL YOU SL SHOPPERS WILL BE RUNNING LIKE DIAMONDS WERE ON SALE FOR 1 DOLLAR CND. They’re freaking FANTASTIC. I can’t believe the work that comes out from these people. They’re growing and growing to be such talented graphic designers. They should just drop SL and find a career irl with designing because it’s superb! I cannot wait till Reek and Tiny Birds items are released! I’m sure he will post a picture! But they are delicious!

Can you see by this picture how wonderful the texture of the beanie is!!! Ugh, wonderful work Emma!

I’m wearing the short hair with bangs in this picture. The glasses are by vive9! Loving the shape and texture on it, very little librarian girl who hides behind her thick frames. The leggings are by Duboo! The best leggings, Tights in sl are located in that store so you might wanna check it out. The tights and leggings I wear are mostly by Duboo! Secrets out people, don’t kill me. The boots I got from J’s. They were a group gift so I’m pretty happy to blog them! The shirt is by Niniko, they’re boy stuff! I love the look of the tee-shirt! Very used looking but still classic with the vintage graphic. I’m wearing some cute shorts by DP, they’re pretty old and I almost forgot about them. I thought the little wool rolled cuffs would be a good warm pair of shorts to wear over leggings! And they are!! She has a few other colours, brown and red I believe possibly green, but like I said they’re old. I’m wearing the wonderful knitted socks by MIU, just the prims. So remember there isnt a short pair. Those are just the prims, love the texture so.. they’re good without the actually sock texture. And who can possibly not talk about Aoharus wonderful knitted cable sweater/coat. I looooove everything about this sweater/coat. Thank you !Femme for sending me some poses! Check out her poses, they’re awesome!

Time for me to shake it on over to a kiddie party! wicked 😦

Something New:
 Hair: [SC Hair] Pam (Short + Bangs) - Licorice
 Tights: DUBOO*leggings laundry day (Best Tights ever!!)
 Shoes: J's gift Laceup Short Boots - Gift!
Something Old:
 Eyelashes: <DK> Deviant Prim Lashes 01(Deviant Kitties)
 Eyes: **DP**Yumyum - Mooneyeyes
 Shorts: **DP**yumyum short pants/black
Not too New, Not too Old:
 Mittens: Reek - Cozy Mittens - Gold
 Glasses: (vive9) Risky Readers [french.coffee]
 Scarf:Reek - Cozy Scarf - Fat Pack!
 Sock prims: *MIU* knit socks
 Sweater.Coat: AOHARU_BT_NordicKnitCoat_Cream
 Skin: (fd) Bird Skin - Honeycomb
flowey - if you will be my sky
 flowey - let it fall
 !Femme - Empty

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