Snow Days!

Ooooooh how I love the snow. It’s been a very odd December for me the Canadian Girl. We’re almost at Christmas and there is a bout 6 inches of snow? Usually there’s meters instead of inches, snowfall warnings for inches not centimeters. As the years go by there’s just less and less snow! You’d think I’d be happy but quite frankly, it scares the shit out of me.

I told you all that I got my nikond90!!! Well… All of those on plurk (DAAA!!!) I’ve been snapping pictures of my friends, friends children, myself, daughter, husband… etc. I’ve been taking random pictures, landscape pictures all to learn how to use this new and better camera. I had a D60 the last time, so it’s WAY better than the D60. I love love my camera. I’ve also been sucked away by Hayden Raine. My family did a lot for us when we were kids, outside wise. We went skiing, skating, sliding, and always had hot chocolate to sooth our cold cheeks. Anyways, that’s what I have been doing!! Tis the season to be jolly. And let me say this, I fell so many times. Damn those hockey skates with no toe picks! I looked like a fool.

For my look of today is pretty bulky and warm. Because of all the activities I myself have been doing. I wanted to dress my darling AV into warm clothing!

Here it is ❤ Ciao… back to snow fights and trying to skate on hockey skates.

Something New:
 Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture - Courtyard Slippers [Unisex] - Red < 50L Friday
 Jacket: Winter Choice - "anuenue - Winter Jacket
 Scarf: AOHARU_BT_KnitScarf_G2_Christmas_[Box] - Group Gift
 Hair: Maitreya Ymre - Blacks Pack
 Skin: !tb - Girly Chic Tan - La Vie En Rose (light brows) (Thank you Juju!!)
Something Old:
 Leggings: *Kookie * Holey kisses leggings
 Skirt: oyakin*chifone-skirt*(white
 Eyes: DP*Yumyum -Classics:brown
 Shirt: (fd) Basic Halter - Fashionably Dead (Very very old, Basic Pack)
Not too New, Not too Old:
 Socks: DUBOO*bosong socks [brown]
 [LAP] DW Wannabe Diva
 esme (PDA) Id Engager
 esme (PDA) Just the same but brand new

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