I’m Happy It’s All Over.

Thank god that Christmas Holidays are almost too an end. I know New Years is about to begin, but it’s not as busy as our Christmas Holidays. My Boyfriends family don’t live here to we have to go out-of-town now tomorrow for their supper (which they’re hosting specifically for us and our children because we couldn’t make it on boxing day; huge snow storm hit). I can’t refuse because they really want us to be there. As exhausted as I am, I felt I had to post something before leaving. The days have been filled with bright mornings, phones ringing non-stop, people coming and going from around Canada. Web-Cam sessions with the father (Who couldn’t make it in due to surgery and I couldn’t bare to let him spend the holidays alone. We left the webcam on for him all day and night) I’m completely exhausted. To the point where I’m turning into this massive bitch because SL is my business. RL is taking me away from my little business/entertainment. I’m enjoying the upside to being back into real life. Skating at the rinks, taking my beautiful daughter to see santa and sliding. I had a wonderful time with my family. Now  to try to have a good time with the in-laws. Who I must add, I loathe.

Here is my happy it’s over look…

Something New:
 Scarf: AOHARU_BT_KnitScarf_G2_Christmas(AttachA/Chest) (Freebie)
 Skirt: *COC0* Asymmetric Mini Skirt - Red (Winter Choice Gift)
 Boots: *COCO* Winter Boots - White (Winter Choice Gift)
Something Old:
 Glasses: (VW) Retro Shades - Metal (Vintage Wear)
 Eyelashes:  Deviant Prim Lashes 01 (Deviant Kitties)
 Skin: *REDGRAVE* Tan Skin -Lyla- // Natural
 TeeShirt: Evolution Tee LF (OLD SCHOOL!!! LAUNA FAUNA TEE)
Not too New, Not too Old:
 Mittens: Reek - Cozy Mittens - Beige
 Backpack: =IZUMIYA=Casual Ruck[[White]]- Izumi Homewood
 Leggings: +mocha+  -  Lace Leggings
 Hair: ::69:: OMNIA 50 - Black Collection
 Hair Extra: ~Scribble~ 50L Friday Braid Crowns (Black)
 Cardigan: [ATOMIC] Cozy Cardi - Bubblegum
 esme (PDA) Leaving You Behind
 esme (PDA) Might Like You Better)
 esme (PDA) save me from what i want

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