Designers United!

Kenzie Craven has stopped at the most bizarre, most circ de couture, angelic, demented, fashion event! I had  a lot of fun shopping and checking out the variety of talented designers that came together to host a wonderful shopping spere! I myself spent a lot of cash money. I must say it was all money well spent. With the help of the wonderful Marie, she saved me quiet a bit! I adore her line the most, with all it’s wonderful, crafty colours and fur coats! lovely top hats! Marie always out does herself! I was most in awe by Tres Blahs skins! They’re tres magnifico! I coo’d and gushed over the make ups and tones. Which is a first because I usually stick to pale or tan. This time I wanted all the tones, but then I would have been broke. The variety of options she gives you is somewhat over whelming. There’s thick brows, thin brows, sad brows, freckles, no freckles, painted lips, etc, etc! Good Job Julliette! You must be exhausted! Then the shoes, well I’m not wearing them in my displays but ANEXX!! How do you do it! When does Machang take a break? I mean… these shoes are amazing, plus the all the christmas stuff she just made! She is a workaholic and I tip my hat to her! Wonderful job all of you guys!

I’m not going to ruin this post with my usual dialog of what I thought went well with this and that. What is cute and how perfect this is. Here’s the pictures that I spent ALL FREAKING morning doing and details 😀 Later gators!

Something New:
Jacket: (Madsy) DU3 exclusive – Vaudeville cropped jacket – red
Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Vamp (dark sad brows)
Hair: [OH]:::(o_X)::: Stage props1  – BL (comes with hat)
Gloves: DU<3/ Dollita-La Biche corset dress gloves only
Glasses: DUBOO*Half moon glasses
Corset: Veschi-ville DU (CLICK CORSET TO RESIZE!!!)
Leotard: ~Scribble~ Acrobat Leotard Pearl Leggings DU3 Exclusive
Collar: ~Scribble~ Proper Posture Collar Pearl DU3 Exclusive

Something Old:
eyelashes: <DK> Deviant Prim Lashes 01
skirt: &Bean – Signalling through the flames Mog Fluff skirt
eyes: DP*Yumyum – Mooneyeyes – Classic Brown

Not too New, Not too Old:
Boots: *COCO*_Gift_FlatAnkleBoots_Black (Christmas Gift)

!Femme – Poster Of A Girl
!Femme – The Police and the private
!Femme Unless it kicks

Something New:
Stockings: (Milk Motion) My fishnet stockings
Bodysuit:(Milk Motion) My vaudeville playsuit
Hat: (Milk Motion) My vaudeville top hat
Gloves: (Royal Blue) Punch the Jester Gloves in Mime
Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin – Painted Lady (light thick brows)
Hair: @Waffles – Miucha Vaudeville (cream pack)

Something Old:
Eye Veil: K&CO – Lace netting for eyes
Ribbons: * Abranimations Poi Dance Set *
Eyelashes: <DK> Deviant Prim Lashes
necklace: p.c.; Black Pearl Set

Not too new, Not too old:
Belt: *COCO*_WrapSkinnyBelt_Silver
Shoes: *Kookie* Athena/ Black – Foot Expo 09

PDA – Black wave
PDA – Change of Heart
PDa – Damse de mouches noires gardes du roi

Something New:
skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin -Belle (thin brows)
Hair Attachment: @Waffles! Pearls bows and flowers
Hair: [OH]:::(o_X)::: Stage props1-white 2
Outfit: ~*RunoRuno*~ 5 Minutes to Curtain

Something Old:
FOUND TREASURE : *TorridWear*-RippedUp Gloves
Eyelashes: <DK> Deviant Prim Lashes
Jelwery: P.C; Diamond Pearl Menagerie Set
Shoes: (PixelDolls) Ballet Practice Wear: Shoes, White (tintable)

Not too New, Not too Old:

PDA – All poses by PDA


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