Hey there guys! I’ve been taking some time to make some new stuff for the store. I’ve made quite a bit of stuff. At least too me I made tons. It’s been pretty busy here irl, but I need some extra cash again. LAWLZ. So what do I have for you wonderful people? I have a couple tops, an awesome bubble skirt and leggings!

Let’s do the damn thing shall we?

Leggings! My favorite item I’ve made so far. I love the pattern! It has the seam line on the side to act as a stitching. Then it also has stirrups on the foot! To give it a little extra something soemthing. 110L Each or 600L for all seven colours! Wee

Lines Baggy Tee’s! These are kinda dull I must say, but if you’re a cool, casual chick who’s looking for something a little different from my regular smooth tee’s! These are it! I made the sculpts myself! *Makes the proud nod face* I love the way how it looks like an actually baggy shirt! But you can always wear it without the poof! So it’s two in one kinda deal. 100L for the shirt or 550L for all nine colours.

Metallic Dot Knit Skirt! I love them,  they looks so fun and adorable! They’re very cutesy, but I hope you like them. I made this sculpt myself!! TA DA. The skirt prim texture, I made it so it looks like a draped style! Bubble skirt-ish. 150L For each skirt or 700 for all seven colours!

Varsity Yacht Club Sweaters! I love this sweater too. I’m really big on baggy sweaters/shirts. It’s my ‘it’ or ‘must’ have thing right now. I hope you like the little graphic, reminded me of club monoco or a Mertyle beach style sweater my sisters use to wear. 125 for each colour or 660 for all eight colours!

Enjoy and I hope you guys like what I’ve made!!

*Blogger attention read here** If you would like to blog some of my stuff please send me a notecard, I’d be more than happy to send you some items!


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