What a busy day!

So lately it has been nothing but GO GO GO in my house. I just came home from my boyfriends reserve. I had a wonderful time with his family. Skidooing, playing poker (I watched, I really don’t understand the game), playing with the kids in the snow, and because it’s in the middle of no where I truly enjoyed the quiet. The wonderful scenery, when dusk came and the tree’s would turn to silhouettes and the sky would turn pink with streaks of purple; I would take a deep breathe and be truly happy. Than we came home to nothing but rubbish. Horrid Thunder Bay. I hate you!!.

Anyways, my look for today is pretty simple because I’m feeling simple. I’m feeling casual. I’m feeling nice comfy clothes that I can just enjoy the day. Which is what I’m doing right now. My daughter is going to grandma’s for four days! Now it’s time to get this shit done and enjoy some mommy time!!

There have been two big store releases and both stores are my favorite. I adore Emma’s new thermal style tops. I really dig the floral pattern. Her little details, the neckline that’s tired around something to give it a scrunched feeling. The drape work is amazing. I really love her new jeans too, the fat pack is only 850L and guaranteed I will be wearing them all the time (Not wearing the jeans in this photo). I wore Reek’s new boots. I’ve been in IM’s with him while he was working on it and let me say. GREAT JOB!!! This man is seriously talented and I wonder if he transferred his skills to irl what kind of money would be make. His work is suber! I love the string tied around the ankle, I really admire his textures on the boot. It looks so clean and sharp. The wrinkle detail on these boots are to die for and Riq doesn’t stop there. He gives us OPTIONS! Which everyone knows if an automatic 5 star ratting. I LOOOOVEEEEE OPTIONS! It makes me so happy. You really stretch your dollar when creators add recolor scripts or give you mods! I love the tinting of the fur and lace part! He made tons of colours so go and see for yourself. These boots are totally worth 250L. I added the cute hat by Fade Dana. I love her grungy – steam punk clothing/accessories. The hair is by 69. I wore Maitreya old scarf which is a true gem. If you are girly girl, this scraf is for you! It sparkles 😀 The bag is super old and still looks bad ass. The cardigan is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt, thank you Atomic for making such a lovely light sweater! It’s so simple but yet so beautiful. I love designers know just hot to shadow and make their clothing pop with little realistic details.

 Shirt: [SC] Surf Couture - Slouchy Thread Sweater - Peach Floral
 Best new item: Reek- Autumn Boots - Chocolate (recoloured laces and fur)
 Socks: K&CO - Plain Socks - Deep Cerise
 (old treasure) Bag: :: Boneflower Designs ::  Military Shoulder Bag -Toyko
 Eyelashes: Deviant Kitties - Prim lashes 01 (Kenzie FAV)
 Scarf: Maitreya Long Scarf * Sepia (chest)
 Hair: ::69:: SULTAN 30 - Copper -
 Skirt: oyakin*old-longskirt(natural-green
 Arm warmer: "anuenue.Arm warmer(navy) (gacha machine)
 Hat: Engineers Cap (Badges) - By Fade Dana
 Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin - Swoon (freckles, light thick brows) (Designers United)
 Cardigan: [ATOMIC] Cozy Cardi - Bubblegum
poses: glitterati - 002
 glitterati - 023
 kru_model 13

2 thoughts on “What a busy day!

  1. ajÖya says:

    I’m glad you had a wonderful time with your beau! Kenzie, I truly admire your work hun & I enjoy it daily! My day is just not complete until I visit you! XD

  2. kenziecravenpants says:

    Ajoya! Thank you!! That was such a wonderful comment and it makes me so happy!!! People like you make me wanna blog ever day 😛 I’m so happy and thanks so much!!

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