Milk Motion!

Marie has pretty much mad the best cardigans in sl! I am totally in love with these sweaters! I must as forgiveness on my lack of beautiful pictures. Hayden is back and I’m already exhausted. I knew I shouldn’t have let her go to grandma’s. I lost my jazzy multitasking skills.

Let’s begin. One day Marie dropped off the fatpack of these sweaters to my profile. Like every time I get a gift from her, I installed beamed with joy and opened the packs quickly. I checked out all of the colours that she gave me, blue, pale grey and beige are my favorites.The knited style cardigan has leather patches on the elbows. Something like Father Brady? Which is pretty awesome in my books because I’m really into that right now, leather on top of knits, not to sure why, but I find it very sexy/interesting look (I know I need to shut up, I think it’s different/cute). I loved how she made the horn style hooks inside of buttons or a zipper. It brings something else to the table that most designers haven’t really being doing. I adore the pockets! Very darling sweater indeed! The skirt I am wearing is from narwhal. Right now, Manatee actually got hit with a flood (Due to her neighbours?) She’s currently unable to log on so, that’s just a FYI for those who are having difficulties reaching her. I love this skirt, it’s very highschool sweetheart. I’m wearing my socks, KENZIE&CO. The loafers are from Hoorenbeek. I loved them the day my eyes feasted upon its suede style loafer-ish-ous bod! The bag is from Bare Rose, still loving it! The shirt is a simple tank by Ohmai! Which I got from the starlust Trash Hunt. I’m still loving 69’s simple shirt cutey with the booty hair styles! So I’m sporting the sultan style in my pictures! The headwarp is by my also! My bachan knit’s – head warp in wheat!

something new:
Skin: &Bean – Pillow Tan eight BB FR
cardigan:(Milk Motion) My knit cardigan (brown)

something old:
socks: K&CO – Plain Socks – Golden Socks
Bag: ::: B@R ::: Tina Brown L Hand
Hair: ::69:: SULTAN 30 – Dark Copper –
Shoes: [ hoorenbeek ] Woman – Dockers – Turquoise Suede
headwrap: Bachan Knits Headwarp

not too new, not too old:
Skirt: Narwhal – Yellow?
Shirt: !Ohmai Starlust Hunt: Basics Thrash Tank BLANK

flowey – fading too quickly
flowey- milk dreams
flowey – under someones thumb


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