Day Old Hate

I bet you guys are sick of me! I’m sorry I’m bored, my baby is hanging out with her dad today… so it’s mommy time. I watched some T.V and now I’m bored. Yet again. Don’t worry I found something to make so this is the last post for tonight. I received this beautiful dress from Emma of Surf Co. I just love love it! It’s so cute and I know many of you already know all about it. It was in last weeks 50L Friday (I think?). I’m wearing it in Fondue! I adore the colour scheme. The golden yellow and soft brown is a great mix. I love the pattern, little gold shimmery dots (what it looks like to me) all over the base of the skirt. Then on the upper (breasts) area of the dress has a bustier cup area and then a folded lip over the neckline of the dress. There are sleeves that drape off your shoulders, but I wanted to give this dress a little bit of a new look instead of the typical dress. I wore Kenzie&Co, crop tank top in white. I wore the beautiful necklace from Paper Couture to add some jazz to the outfit. The satin ribbon that holds the pearls around the neck is so beautiful! I love it; very realistic too. The flowers look vintage and worn. Which is very pretty in my eyes. The black makes it pop! I adore this necklace, brings something to the table. The earrings are from another set, but they are by Paper Couture. I love the gold clasp thats around the pearl to secure it in! Very nice touch. A simple pearl earring taken to another level because of that. The shoes I am wearing are very old. I got them from [Shooz!]. They were pretty pricey but I mean look at them. They’re beautiful. Not going to lie a tad on the creepy side because it’s very realistic with the feet, but beautiful. I did get my moneys worth with the texturing, prim work and all in all look of the shoe. Great for summer loving, that’s forsure! The hair is really old too, I believe when Truth first came out. I still adore the soft curls on the side of the head. That’s it guys! Have a great day ❤

Something New:
 Skin: (vive9) Marianne [tan] Toast - freks/teeth *dark brows
 Dress: [SC] Surf Couture - Havering Dress - Fondue
 Necklace: P.C; Fishnet Wrapped Pearls - Cream
 Earrings: P.C; Pearl Cluster Set
Something Old:
 Tee-shirt: K&CO - Crop Top - White - 3
 Glasses: Gritty Kitty: DuckLips Glasses
 Bracelet: ::: B@R ::: Nokko Bangle R ForeArm
 Hair: *TRUTH* Katherine [Noir]
 Shoes: [ shooZ! STING BROWN Heelz ]
Not too New, not too old:
 Leggings: *SHOP Toshy*PantyHoseBlackEmbroideryRoseFishNet
@waffles - always love
 @waffles the voices
 @waffles inside of love

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