YAY! Thank you so so much! I am a proud support to all the 50L friday designers, I look at all of them as such a big inspiration! I have to say this is a big honor! I am very happy to say that I added a few things, plus a tee-shirt (In support of this weeks theme). I was also deeply touched by all the devastated faced that flashed my T.V that morning, my heart was crushed for all the victims of Haiti. I have to say that I have never been in a situation where we were left feeling hopeless. I do know the burden that money rules all. I made a tee-shirt for red cross, “I Helped Haiti” To show that you have been such a wonderful person and donated your money to support Haiti! I can’t express how much I can’t help but wonder about all those people in Haiti! I know that Barb is such an angel for doing something like this. If I can be so kind to make a tee-shirt, I’m sure many of you can pay 50L to help millions who are in need. Please support! Show that you care! Thank you so much!

Lines baggy tee in black!

Varsity Sweater & Crimson Denim Jeans!

Thanks to everyone who came out to my store ❤ Thank you to those who contributed to Red Cross!

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