Surf Co & Milk Motion = Kicking sweet bottoms in the fashion department!

I have more to blog from both these parties but times ticking and other things that must get done. I’m just killing time with this post.

First off let me thank both designers.
Marie and Emma, you both are talented, inspirational designers to all of little guys (like me). I’m honored that you guys admire my blog and send me beautiful items to blog. With your help, you’re saving me big bucks and making my blog look fab. I adore you both! I’m so grateful!

The top I am wearing is by Surf Co. The wonderful Emma and her soft pastel colours, the smoothness of her thermals, the impeccable wrinkles and the realistic shading. Emma made a soft printed thermal/long-sleeved shirt. It looks like floral print in a solid colour. I’m wearing beige in this look. There are tons of colours to choose from, but I loved the smooth soft pink of this shirt. I love the bottom part of the sleeves. It’s a typical snowboarder fetish of mine. I like them to partly cover my hands. I have a rl habit of nibbling on them so this is a plus (I know, that’s lame to write but… I’m just truthful). I’m wearing Milk Motions wool pants/trousers. I love the feel and look of these pants. Both of these designers are so true to their talents, pattern textures. I love how it looks fit for sl, but has a realistic appeal. The small cuffs at the bottom of the pants can put these trousers in the boyfriend (denim jean style) department. Which is a big favourite for me. I really love baggy jeans. They’re comfortable and give you the girl next door look. The undershirt is by me, which is in my 50L Friday sale pack. I wore this cutesy hair style by, Eko Storm. I adore his store and his styles. They’re very lovable. My only distaste for it, is the textures. For some reason I see white tips at the end, so that’s a flaw, but one that can be over looked. The little headband gives my AV the look of casual chic. I was going to add some other items. Glasses, some bangles. Perhaps you would like that. I just adore this look, so I kept it pretty simple. My theme for today is just that. Simplicity.

Here’s the details! I hope you enjoyed this look, I know I’ll be rocking it all day. Ciao, Bellas.

Something New:
 Pants: (Milk Motion) My wool pants (beige)
 Shirt: K&CO - Varsity Yacht Club Sweater - Coral
 Thermal: [SC] Surf Couture - Rendezvous Printed V-Neck - Beige
 Skin: (vive9) Marianne [tan] Morning - Clean/Teeth *darkbrows
Something Old:
 Shoes: (Milk Motion) My pocahontas sandals high
Not Too New, Not Too Old:
 Hair: =EkoEko= Shift(darkbrown) By: Eko storm (from sale)
 *V* Kendall 3
 Kiitos smile
 @waffles [ac] mysteries

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