I really need to get back into blogging. I’ve been smacked with tons of work in irl lately. It’s so weird how that happens. Once I get into the groove of sl, something in RL happens. The good thing is that our plans to go out-of-town are canceled. We decided last minute not to go. Seeing how I’m lacking the creativity to actually make clothes, I’ll blog some outfits today I think. That’s my favorite thing to do in sl. Shop till I drop or play dress up. Right now I’m wearing a very simple and casual outfit. Why? Why do I continue to blog these such delicate outfits of simplicity? Because I feel the whole, proofed sleeves, the shimmer satin blazers and feathered skirts of high fashion is becoming a little overrated. Let’s face it, I purchase those items too, but how long do you wear them for? Do you feel overly dressed? I do. I tend to splurge on those fancy items and then say, oh boy… maybe I shouldn’t have worn this feather tree branch hat today? Or maybe I should have left the lurch outfit at home? It is fun to dress up and take photos, thats one thing… but to constantly see the same thing over and over on the blogs so silly. Come on folks! Let’s dress down! it is Friday afternoon.

Let me say that this lounge, by The Loft; is effing fab. It comes with many poses for both guy and gal. It also includes the option of sitting as a couple. That’s not the big deal here. The big deal is if you’re like me and like to save on prims, this lounge pops out a laptop, a magazine, a book and has such adorable sits! It’s really a great buy! Not to mention the money goes to the Red Cross, so you would be doing something good by buying this chair. It’s called The Loft – Mayer Chaise Olive. I effing love it. It’s just like her little window chair, where you can change the blanket colour, but you can also change the pillows too! She gives you a drop down menu that allows you to see all the colours that you can use. THANK YOU COLLEEN! You’re amazing! The shading, the lining, the prim-work, the texturing all a ten out of ten!! GO GET IT!! ASAP!

I’m wearing a very simple turtle neck and jeans with simple white flats. I love this outfit though. It’s a memorable look. I’m not sure why but all the pieces fit like a perfect puzzle. I guess that why I felt the urge to blog it. I adore the sweater knit turtle neck which is from Couverture. I love their store. I purchased a couple items from them and a skybox! (I’ll post pictures on my Flickr of the skybox). I love the sculpts they used for this sweater too. It’s not overly bunched or too thick. They’re simple smooth sculpts that have the slight touch of wrinkles which adds a great realistic feel to this turtle neck. The colour scheme is perfect. They have tons more to choose from too; red, navy, purple, green, black? I can’t remember but I know I had to walk away before I spent all of my money. I wore my crimson jeans which are paired up with a sweater I made for the 50L Friday sale this week. I love them, I thought they fitted my outfit very well! I’m wearing the wonderful hairstyle “Say” by Lamb. I adore the full bands and the soft sweeped strands that flow over my shoulders and lay against my chest. Not only is it versatile, it’s perfectly structured. There are no flaws to this hair at all. The style is perfect and it’s a great buy because you can dress it up or wear it with something casual. The flats I am wearing are super old. They’re the lost treasure today. I use to wear them all the time. If my memory is correct they came out when sculpts first hit sl. So they’re pretty old to me… and my inventory. I still love them, I should have purchased the fatpack. I’m not sure if the store even exists still but they are a great buy! Can wear them with anything because of the simple shiny texture.

something new:
 Turtleneck: couverture*border knit >Orange
Something old:
 50L Friday - K&CO -Coloured Denim - Crimson
 Eyelashes:  Deviant Prim Lashes
 Eyes: DP*Yumyum - Glassyblue
 Hair: !lamb. Say - Ink
 *FOUND TREASURE* Flats:  "L&E" Chloe sculpted flats - white
Not too new, not too old:
 Skin: &Bean - Pillow Tan eight BB FR

3 thoughts on “time-to-blog

  1. Cajsa Lilliehook says:

    I really like the picture at the top. The expression on your face has that perfect furrow of concentration that happens when folks are concentrating on their screen. It’s a great shot. However, as to your commentary. Let’s make a deal. I won’t tell you what to blog and you don’t tell me what to blog, ok? Let’s shake on it.

    • kenziecravenpants says:

      Thank you! I enjoyed taking this picture. That’s pretty much how I look. Sometimes theres a creased in the brow area because I’ve missed up or can’t find a pretty way to talk about clothes lol.

  2. kenziecravenpants says:

    p.s Cajsa, did you take my little comments about High Fashion as me telling other bloggers what to blog? If so… I do apologize. I meant that I don’t like to see high fashion on the feeds 24-7; that comment is me speaking as a reader. Just like anyone else. Not one blogger to another, as a reader. With my blog, I wont do that so people can look at something else besides the same stuff over and over, or at least that’s what I’m trying to do. Secondly, I really would never stoop to that level to tell another blogger what they can and cannot blog. That’s pretty stupid, because lets face it… everyone has a mouth and no one likes to shut it. πŸ˜€ “Come on folks let’s dress down” Doesn’t mean “Hey blogger, can you start blogging less high fashion” I adore you blog though! Great stuff!

    I hope you have a great time blogging what ever you feel like blogging, cause I know I sure love blogging whatever I want. Hence my blog.

    Thanks for reading πŸ˜›

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