2REAL is probably the best.

You could disagree with me, but these shoes are ‘epic’. That’s right I said it! From the texturing, shading, sculpt work and the realism is sublime! I adore these shoes to the fullest! They’re stunning! I can honestly say that when I got them I took a deep breath because I was in shock at how well these shoes looked. I know they’re just shoes, but shoes in SL are stunning all around. Designers are really stepping it up when it comes to their footwear. I love the textures, the little scuff and the laces shadows! The typical hightop sneaks are the best for the style era right now. I adore High-tops especially bright colourful ones. To me shoes should never be neural, I mean they could be; but the shoe itself should be bold. I think shoes really tell who that person is. IRL, I own maybe like 5 because I’m cheap like that. But in SL, I have to box them because it’s outrageous. Anyways, they’re beautiful from head to toe and I must thank 2Real for asking me to blog for him. I own his other ADDIDAS style sneakers and wore them forever and ever because of the texturing and shading. Very realistic and worth the money. They come with a HUD so you can change the textures to a colour that would more appeal to you. I love them! Don’t you??

( taken from his blog, 2real )
I’m wearing MILK MOTIONS! (Thank you again Marie) Tank top! I love the Nautical feel you get from it! I also congratulate them for opening up the new sim! I love the gold straps on the side that she made look like their twisted rope or braided? That was a very nice touch. They tank isn’t just a stripped tank top, it’s got some spice and something unique added to it! I love the little sculpted cropped bottom of the shirt. The way how the hem flows outwards is very cute.

I wore a skirt that’s really old to my inventory, by Emery. I love acid wash. How could I not wear it with this outfit? I did have a problem finding something to wear for the bottom part of my outfit. I just couldn’t decide, short trashy skirt or a nice high-waisted style, or jeans? I went with this one. It’s a classic high-waisted denim skirt, can’t go wrong right?

I wore the garter straps from Fishy Strawberry! I thought it would give me look a little umf. I’m a trash rocker 80’s fan. I’m wearing the tube socks from WWI (World Wide Industries). I love them, they’re really old! From my RPing days. I’m wearing Gritty Kitty’s browline glasses (I bought them for my love to the infamous Andy Warhol). This adorable pack of Horoscope medallions landed in my inventory! (Big thank you, I love them). Now I’m really into UO or American Eagles little chains with you intial or something that is personal to you. Such as your horoscope sign. Mine is a Scorpio. I totally love this necklace, beautiful and a great item to have. You can wear it casual or fancy. It looks very delicate but yet still has a very urban feel to it.

Something New:
Necklace: Modd.G Horoscope Necklace Gacha (THANK YOU!)

Something Old:
Backpack: (From a Korena Sim) KU_ITEM_BackPack (Brown) (S) By: Heidi SeraKorea
Garters: *Fishy Strawberry* Ignition Lingerie – Red (50L Friday)
Bra: *IR* Jungle Fever Lingerie (Store might be closed) Indie Rainbow
Skirt: Emery – Skirt FastCar
Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Browline Glasses
Oldschool Headphones: [Oh, Otis!] Oldschool Walkman Headphones 01 – Otis Pertwee (Contact to purchase)
Not too new, not too old:
Skin: &Bean – Pillow Tan eight BB FR

Poses: All from PDA – Some by Esme (still PDA though)


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