Vday soon… ???

Hey guys!

I know the big V is coming up soon. Are you excited ? Do you have  a secret crush that you’re getting your nerves up to ask them out? Do you have a long time love that you can’t wait to give them their present or a present of the “L” word? I know that every year around this time I start to prepare our beautiful day, the 14th. Then when the day actually comes we don’t do anything. Perhaps because we’ve done the “We love each other” day, but I know in my heart, I love him and the best gift to give him is telling him “You’re the best man I know (next to my father), I love you” and then we make out wildly like Micheal Douglas. Have you ever gotten or given a Micheal Douglas kiss? Well here’s how you do it. Open you’re mouth, pucker those lips, and smush them on the other person. Then you move your head like crazy and breath deeply. It’s frigging orgasmic and not in the passionate way, but in the laughter way! He came home one day and did it to me. I couldn’t stop laughing, so now we call it “The Micheal Douglas Kiss” Better watch out.

Anyways, back to the reason of this post. I made my look kinda based around Valentines Day. I just wore a simple babydoll, leggings and an awesome t-shirt underneath. I love this look! There’s a few things in this look that are really ancient and some that are new! Some of these things have a sentimental value to me. Even if they do belong to me on a virtual game they always bring up funny moments in my SL life.

The dress is by So many Styles. That store is freaking adorable. There are a few things that I love but would never wear on sl; but overall it’s a really sweet store. They have tons of amazing jewelry pieces and adorable babydoll dress. This dress is probably a top 5 item that I love from their store. I love the simplicity of it, but yet you can dress it up or down. Items like that you just cant walk pass them. I added Nylons old OLD OLD T-shirt that she made when she first started. It game with four other graphics on them. Heart Her/Him, Hate Him/her. Let me tell you I’ve worn all of them, when I secertly hated someone, when I’ve loved someone, when I was crushing on someone. It’s a very public shirt, just like BSPEARS does her “secret” rants. I love it, still rocking that old betsy. I’m wear a watch that I won from the CSwinter stamp in 08. It’s a little bunny watch, cute huh? The leggings are by Duboo! Newreem is probably the queen of tights. You can get colourful ones, simple ones, sweet ones, retro ones, bright ones or just the ones I’m wearing. Basic leggings. I love her store. I’m wearing 2REALs latest release, their awesome badass shoes; PRO SPEC. Then we have the cutest camera that you can wear around your neck or in your SL tiny hands. I found it randomly one day looking for new stores. It’s by tomo Eames. So cute and just what I’ve been looking for; seeing how I love love Nikon. I’m wear this visor that I couldn’t go omg! Hunter S. Thompson! JUEEEEZZUS. I totally bought it just because of him. I love that movie, I use to live by the movie, I think the man was outrageously smart, passionate and totally self-destructive. The quotes on the movie I still say to this day. The visor is by Emery and it’s the cats meow, tons of colours, but if you’re a fan of Fear and Loathing like me! this is a necessity.

Something New:
Bags: DUBOO*Cupcake bag (l hand) (Thank you New<3) Visor: Emery – Visor #Grass Leggings: DUBOO – Grandpa’s gifts Hair: >TRUTH< Charlie – champagne
Hi-tops- PRO_SPEC(Boxed) – 2REAL
Something Old:
Eyelashes: *Sin Skins*EyeLashes
Watch: Bunny Watch CSRw2008 Gift – By: Draconic Lionourt
Bracelet: WWND – Old gift from Barnes (I dont think it’s for sale, sorry)
Shirt: HeartHim- Nylon Outfitters

Not too new, not too old:
Camera: traceon electronic M9 By: tomo Eames
Dress: {SMS} Pocket Dress Grey
Skin: -tb- Hiccup Light Skin – Swoon (dark thick brows)


PDA – Id Engager
PDA – Lemme get some
Glitterati – 026


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