Hmm.. Can’t think of anything

I can’t think of anything to write or talk about. Some news in my life. Last night at 11pm, we went out and got a kitten from my friend. I got it for my daughter because she’s a lonely one child baby. I thought it would be a great idea for her, but now… it’s not looking so great. I think the cat came from a very neglected family. It’s really shy, very easily startled and likes to claw at us if we try to hold her or reach for her. I have seen some cats like that, but they we’re mistreated; just left alone all the time. No love or attention was given to those kind of animals and I think that’s what is wrong with our kitty. I hope she will find our home comfortable and loving because we already adore her. I just hate the smell of cat litter and cat shit. It’s the worst smell ever. I hope it doesnt stain my house with this horrible cat owner smell.

Here’s my look for today. My new hair from Shop Seu. Totally loving that shop! It’s a little bob look with a braided front piece for the bangs. I’m wearing the Enamel Boston bag from Sey. Old classic. The socks are from Mocha which I found when I was doing the CSR Winter Stamp collection. I love doing those stamp events because you find some really great stores. Untone! Come back? Where is your store located! I hope she sees this. I loved her store and now I can’t find it. She was truly such an wonderful, adorable and forever amazing me with her cute style! I hope she can bring her store back and If she still has her store please send me a landmark. I couldn’t find it. I’m wearing her awesome striped shorts, the whole engeriner fabric style. The skin is old, it’s by Blowpop or use to be Infinity. I love the realness of this skin even though it was handdrawn. The boots are from ordinary and the shirt is by Milkmotion ❤ Both are must haves because they go with anything.

Something New:
Hair: *SHOP SEU* -fuafua BOB [brown]-

Something Old:
Bag: Enamel Boston Bag Red By Sey
Eyelashes: Sin Skins
socks: +mocha+ – Loose Socks – Plain Dirty [Blue]
Shorts: *UnToneQuilt* hickory puchidenim

Boots: *ordinary* -Garago-
Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth -tone D- 3.1 Mulberry Wine 1
Tee: (MILKMOTION) MY loose Shirt

Not too new, not too old:


kru mode 13
flowey – taken by trees

3 thoughts on “Hmm.. Can’t think of anything

  1. Evangelus Dengaku says:

    Some kittens are just like that, and coming home with a new family is really traumatic for them. When I first brought my kitten home, she was listless and hissed at anything that smelled like another cat. (If you’ve never heard a kitten hiss, it is the funniest thing ever. ‘Aww, you’re trying to sound threatening!’) You would seriously have thought that her previous owners never fed her and had no other cats, although I knew the last one wasn’t true. I kept her in her own little room for the first few days, though, and spent every waking moment I could in that room, either playing with her or doing my own thing but just generally being around. She calmed down after a day or two and turned out to be very friendly and playful. So, it’s kind of like introducing new fish to an aquarium – you have to keep them in their own bag within the tank until they get used to the water temperature, and then bring them out. At least, that’s been my experience.

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