The Cats Meow!

My new kitty has inspired me to create a leopard dress! It’s not a fur dress though. Some of my friends have said “What a beautiful fur dress!” No, heh. It’s not fur. It’s suppose to be a Chiffon style material I guess you would say. It’s a babydoll drapey style dress with another sheer over layer. I made 7 colours. Grey, red, pink, mauve/purpleish, blue, green and tan! They’re for sale for the price of 250L a pop or 800L for all seven colours which would save you 750L instead of buying one by one. I love this dress because it’s no only the awesome leopard pattern, but because its got the double layer style top. It’s somewhat tied around the waist so it looks bunched! I adore the length and the sculpts I made myself <3! In the picture I am wearing Truths hair and Atomic’s Doll up shoes!

Thanks for reading and I hope you like my outfit ❤

Goodnight ❤

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