Did ya know?

That I’m very sleepy today. I was bursting with energy and now I’m back to my usual self. I wonder whats wrong?

Anyways, the other day I was shopping around at the Creators platform. I now love that place. There were tons of things to buy. I pretty much bought something from every store there. I’m wearing this wonderful dress that is by ish Kidd. I adore the denim and the little country-style fabric floral print. I’m wearing Reeks’ amazing boots. They lovely, divine and extraordinary. I love the simplicity of the boots but yet they’re out of this world because of his amazing textures, shading and sculpt work. I love the little backpack that I picked up from this very cheap and sweet shop. I can wear it with anything. I thought the backpack would make my AV look like a little explore (hopefully not some child heading to her first day back to school). Or a college gal that loves to look a little on the sweet side; rushing to class, dropping her books and meeting cute boys. Just kidding. Anyways ! The hat I am wearing is so freaking cute and I have to say I’m quite shocked by Newreems skills. The hat is the perfect typical Elmer Fud  hat and the braided pigtails are a cute plus. I never knew Newreem was such a talented Hair maker/sculpt maker! Great job. I love the textures on the hat. This is my favourite one out of her pack.

Something New:
Leggings: *Ninia* Retro leggings
Dress: 141 spring denim set By Ish Kidd
Hat: DUBOO*Winter hat azuki [cloud]
Something Old:
Bracelet: Bestial armband (right) (female) Songfeather Designs
Bangles: Hippie deluxe bracelets – black (Shiny Things)
Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth -tone D- 3.1 Mulberry Wine 1

Not too new, not too old:
Boots: Reek – Autumn Boots – Camel

Femme – Down the River Of Golden Dreams
Femme – Empty
Femme My Bad Days

6 thoughts on “Did ya know?

  1. kenzie says:

    Hey there! I don’t know the slurl to reeks. I’m sorry. I’m sure if you just search it or look up Riq Graves you’ll find his mainstore location.

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