KENZIE&CO – New Tee’s, Tanks & happiness.

I’m a big fan of Graphic Tee shirts and tanks. I’ve recently started a collection of Graphic tanks. I love them very much. So every now and then I make a crap load and share them with all of sl. It’s about that time so here we go.

The tanks I’ve wanted to make last summer with that really low slouchy side drape (side boobage peek show). I adore those tank tops (not cause I’m a sloot) but because in the summer, tight clothing is crappy, baggy tank tops with a cropped tube top equals ORGASIM! Let that breeze in. Seeing how summer will be here before we know it (So I hope and pray for) I made some. I made a crap load of colors and like always there’s a fatpack! Each tank is 100L

I made a couple graphic tank tops.

Here’s the list.

I made some new Graphic tee’s but I spent most of the day with the tanks that I only made four. They’re still kick ass though

Both tanks and tee’s are 100L each but it’s cheaper if you get the fatpack cause you get more tees/tanks for free 😀

Have a great day and I love you guys! thanks for reading and checking out my clothes.

❤ Kenz



2 thoughts on “KENZIE&CO – New Tee’s, Tanks & happiness.

  1. kenziecravenpants says:

    Hey thank you for the tip! I just want to let everyone know the shirt has been taken down. I’m deeply sorry to the actually creator of this graphic. I’ve never really used threadless for my graphics on my t-shirts. I do use other sites and that is probably the only thing that has been “ripped” “stolen” or “copy/pasted” from sites. I started out photo-sourcing clothing since the very beginning of my SL life. I’m not use to this whole “Be careful of what you photo-source”. I’m very sorry!! So ignore the image because the shirt has been taken down.
    Thank you to many of you who are IMing me warning me! Thank you for taking the time to let me know what’s going on, I great appreciate it.

    Much love and respect ❤ Kenzie.

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