I don’t know what to say about this post. Just that I needed to blog something and here’s my outfit for today?
That could work I suppose. I’ve been pretty sick. My whole family has been sick. We were hit with the most horrible stomach flu ever. It seems rather funny. We got a cat from a woman, herself and her kids were ill with the flu and told me about it. I didn’t touch a damn thing in her house. I only took the cat. The cat was the host. THE CAT WAS THE HOST. This is why I dont like cats. I have now decided (like the sims) my friendship level with this feline has just decreased.

The outfit I am wearing is pretty casual. I’m just not feeling up to all the frills and tight fitted clothes of stunning attire. Instead I’m sporting some baggy pants, a tee, and a cardigan knit coat. I made a couple tee’s the other day. This is from the pack. I had to make it with all the jokes and punch lines towards Tiger Woods. Here it is, I slept with tiger tee. Get it quick ladies and gents. Let the laughter spread though out second life. I’m wearing this awesome pants that I found randomly shopping around SL. They’re by Lalu Bonnetto. I gotta hand it to this woman. She has made some unique pieces to SL. I’ve never seen this kind of floral print in sl. I love bold prints. They really make a person pop from the rest of the crowd. You may call them Bertha Pants or Grandma Shirleys, but I adore them. I wore COCO’s Oxford shoes, totally loving them. I wish I could find a pair irl. I know they’re not new, but they are to me! I love the look and they go with anything; A true hipster can’t leave home without her Oxfords. I’m wearing the wonderful skin by Fashionably Dead. I don’t know what generation it’s from but it name is listed below. I recall long ago raving about her skin tone for blackanese people like me 😀 It’s perfect. I love the smudging of the eye shadow, the light freckle (beauty marks?) the creases on the lips. The glasses are from wigglesworth and they will never get old with my AV. Maybe because I wear this kind of style irl? I’m wearing Emma’s wonderful new hair. Maranna. The retro band style. I love love the head band. It comes with so many options! From prints, patterns, colors, muted colours, neutrals. Emma really went all out. Great job Emma! Check out Surf Co for some amazing hair! I didn’t know Emma was brilliant at prim hair! I’ve seen her drawn textures of alpha style hair and those were adorable too! Great addition to Emma’s store.

Something new:
Tee-K&CO – I Slept With Tiger Tee
Shoes: *COCO*_OxfordShoes_Two-Tone
Hair: [SC Hair] Maranna [Retro Bangs] – Dark Pack
Pants: Arlequim Pants – Lalu Bonnetto

Something old:
Glasses: (W) Ray-band Glasses – Wigglesworth
Socks: Picnic v suspender socks [white] – Picnic
Skin: (fd) Dark Skin – Harp Classical Tragedy
Jacket: +KiiToS!! Lentotahti+ Long Knit Gown *Burlywood*

Not too New, Not too Old:

Poses: Flowey – Milk Dreams, !Feeme – Down the river of golden dreams, Femme love is a place

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