Jussssss… I don’t know.

I’m probably the only blogger that cannot think of a clever, witty and pretty title for her entries.

Today I’m wearing tons of old stuff.The new stuff I am wearing I really like them. Anexx was having their 50% off sale and I thought this is the best time to buy their shoes. Not only are they the most beautiful shoes I have seen in SL (Besides the other top shoe creators in sl) I really love her workmanship that goes into her shoes, textures and prim work. I love how she has great taste in shoes and every time I wish or want a pair of shoes in SL it’s like bam! She makes them. Machang is a wonderful designer. The hat is from Homespun. They dropped off some things to me but this little hat is adorable. I don’t really wear things like this in real life. I would wear a newsboy hat, but they look funny on me. Here in sl I have no limits and I just dont care so… Let’s rock the classic adorable look that you get from wearing a newsboy hat. I love it! It comes with a texture script too so you get more for your dollar. I can wear it with everything and there are tons of different colours to choose from. I thought well seeing how I got this boyish look going might as well wear a nice casual sweater. Hm, well fri.day makes some cute sweaters. I wore their new sweaters with this beautiful drape backline. I love it! I’m big on cropped and draped sweaters. The skirt is from Paper Couture is from this seasons line. I love the shiny sequins of the skirt! It’s my bold item to make me sparkle. I thought well, let’s add a bag to this look; it’s from Cream shop and it’s a bag that will be timeless. I dug out my old old skin from Redgrave which I love. I’m big on bronzer and this shiny cheek stuff I have. This skin has been a favourite for me because of the shiny cheeks! The glasses are old and very well-known, but they’re so cute! I cannot talk about them. I love circular glasses because of the movie “The Incredibles”. The little designer woman. She cracks me up. I honestly have nothing else to say about this look. It’s self-explanatory.

Something New:
Hat: Homespun Newsboy Hat (ear) (Thank you!!)

Something Old:
Bag: {creamshop} Madrid – Leather weave bag(Chocolate)
Glasses: (vive9) Risky Readers [abyss]
Eyelashes: Eyelashes -4- MoulinRouge *REDGRAVE*
Leather band: ::: B@R ::: Nokko Bangle R ForeArm
Bangles: Sanskrit Cuff & Silver Sparkle Ring Bracelet (Naughty)
Ring: -=UZURI=- Chifu Ring (Turquoise)
Skirt: p.c; Manhattan Brunch
Skin: 01 Lyla Tan Skin / *natural *REDGRAVE*

Not Too New, Not Too Old:
Hair: !lamb. I’m a romantic – Ink
Sweater: fri. – Draped.Back Sweater (Red)

Poses: Flowey, Be Gentle – Flowey Sparkle for a moment


3 thoughts on “Jussssss… I don’t know.

  1. kenziecravenpants says:

    Chalice ❤ Thank you!! It's cute huh… I love the skirt a lot.

    Sara: That's good to know. I'm honestly just going to stick with dates because i can't come up with anything

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