I’m home! & I’ve been relaxed.

Once upon a time a girl met a boy five years older than him. Once upon a time the girl fell inlove. That girl always had fun with family even before they feel inlove and spawned a child. For some ood reason once the baby was born all hell broke loose and they started to hate her and were really curel. Now that girl has an amazing time being with them and found the source of all the hatred.

I’m that girl and I have to say right now. The little saying “Good things come to those who wait” Is so true. I got into a huge fight with my boyfriends family. Actually many huge fights. I went down there for a week for ice fishing and other bush activities. I had an amazing time and for once they felt like the loving hugging warm welcoming in-laws that you see in the movies or on T.V. I’m happy to say that our trip out there has been one of the best I’ve had in years. I hope that this new path of happiness with the in-laws continues. My daughter was spoiled so we’re trying to readjust to the Healthy eating, no candy, no baby talk, no ice cream before bed, no “Don’t put her in timeout/be mean to her” echo from the grandparents rotine.  I didn’t catch a single fish. I broke the belt on a skiidoo from pushing it to limit. I flipped the skiidoo and almost crushed my leg. BUT IT WAS AMAZING.

The look I am wearing is a lovely look and one that expresses how I feel today. I’m wearing tons of stuff from The wonderful hunt, “Red Packet Hunt” to ring in the chinese new year.

The headpiece is adorable. It caught my eye the most. In the pack includes other styles of flowers with twigs that you can wear on your head. I liked this one because of it’s elegance and feathers. I’m wearing Tiny Birds new hair (thank you lovely dearest snuggle bug!). What I love most is the little braids on the sides of the hair. I adore the little wisps of hair that comes off randomly from the braids and the alpha textures are beautiful! I’m wearing the Lark hunt gift, China Doll Flats! They’re EFFING so cute, see *points foot (see picture below)* My poor quality gave me their new skin called Stevie and I’m totally digging the definition on the face and the body. I love the freckles and the belly of this skin!! It’s to die for and a great skin! I’m excited to see more of their new skins coming out. My FOUND item is this watch by Otis Pertwee. Perhaps you should IM him and ask if he has the item that you can buy off of him because I believe he doesn’t have a store anymore. I also found these darling earrings that I use to wear them all the time. They’re from Yummy Things. They go with anything and they add that  “Cute/unique Hipster” look if that’s what you want. I thought it went perfect for my theme of this blog post. The belt I got for free at MM ( Search takawo Quan ). I love the texture and the sculpts. It came out so real but at the same time I can use for my cutesy looks because it’s not overly realistic? ya know? ya dig? The skirt is from the store called Collect which I found at Creators Pavilion. I adore the pattern and the lace!

That’s it good night ❤

Something New:
Headpiece: .+*AA*+. Chinise headpiece *red (RED PACKET HUNT GIFT)
Hair: Tiny Bird – Chicago -Brown (Thank you!!)
Shoes: Lark – Red Packet Gift – China Doll Flats
Skin:[MPQ] Stevie Pale Natural

Something Old:
Watch: [Oh, Otis!] Retro Calculator Watch (SUPER OLD)
Earrings: Together Earring L (Yummy things)
Shirt: Pig – Anarchist Slumber Party – Eggshell

Not Too New, Not Too Old:
belt: *~MM’s~* -Free-BrownMeshBelt-Silver (stomach)
Skirt: -Collect*- Holy night skirt_flower

PDA – Vortical Phonoteque
PDA – You live in a houseboat
SLC – Pose04 P4


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