I’ve been pretty slow today on everything. I’m sorry for posting this so late. I’m a bit of a sleepyhead tonight.

I’m wearing a cute little number today I think. I was feeling adventurous/sporty. I think it was the cross of Emma’s new shorts and Autumns new hair? The headband meets denim leads me to think tomboy with a vagina. ?? I don’t know. I’m wearing Surf Co’s new Denim shorts called Shack Shorts in blue. I love her detail of the denim print, the little fabric stitching on the butt pocket and the sculpted cuffs! I think the way the shading and the wrinkles make the shorts tight in my buttocks area is just fab. What girl doesn’t love a pair of denim shorts/jeans that doesn’t flatter her bottom? I know I love that effect. I found my old two favorite shirts from Nylon and Tres Blah. I remember when Tres Blah first open and I ran to her store and bought out the whole thing. The shirt has heart rainbow print all over and it’s a V cut. I’m wearing an old fav from Nylon Outfitters this leaf tank. On the back (See details in pic) it has a leaf (rubber plant tree look) flare which acts as the strap of the tank. A great look for such a casual tank top. The skin I’m wearing is from Blowpop, I love the nautral feel of it. The bag is an old classic messenger back that I bought while HOC was having a 50% off sale. It came with three different colours, Black, Burgundy, and Brown. The socks are from Oyakin. I just wanted to wear some socks with Emma’s uber cute shoes! I remember I use to rock these in high school and people use to call me “Grandma” They’re so comfy and so cute! I don’t know how to people can diss these kinds of shoes. The texture Emma made is so defined and the sculpts are so crisp. A beautiful slip-on shoe for sure. So now my AV is going to explore some sandy beaches, perhaps climb some sculpted mountains, hike through a floral terrain and probably break her pixel leg. Later loves.

Something New:
Hair: Tiny Bird – Nantes – Dark Brown
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Girls’ Boardwalkers – Seagull (Thank you!!)
Shorts: [SC] Surf Couture – Shack Shorts – Blue (Thank you!!)

Something Old:
Eyelashes: Sin Skins
Socks: oyakin*knit-sox – Ivory
Skin: *blowpop* N2 Elizabeth -tone D- 1.1 Bare 1 (Old Fav)
**Shirt: (NO) Leafy Back V-Neck (Found Item)
Tee: tres blah Heart top- shirt layer (Found Item)
Bag: HOC Apparel – Messenger Bag

Not Too New, Not Too Old:

PDA – Modern Mystery (ESME)
PDA – You Could Write A Book
PDA Id Engager


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