Truth Hair

I love Truth. It’s probably in my top 5 hair designers. His textures are always amazing and his prim work is stunning. I love how he uses a balance of alpha and solid textures. It gives your hair a full and bouncy look. His looks are very versatile and I think many people find his place to be a stunning wonder. I know that many of his hair-styles I’ve worn for multiple days or go back to it because all of his styles go with any look. They have a soft sweet simple look about them. I know we all know who Truth Hawkes is but today! Let’s give him around of applause for continuing to shower us with his wonderful work! Just writing this post about his new hair this week made me think. He is the only hair designer that I know who is constantly putting out new hairstyles that are adorable/beautiful/funky! They always catch your eye from the glossy silk looking hair textures and I’m just stunned by how much work he does! Way to go!!

Hair: Berry – Kristy – Justine = All Espresso

shirt: ! NU i HenleyNeck T White – By: Nuit Wonder
Skin::: DUTCH TOUCH ::MaAn:: Cocoa – CatsEyes Poppy CL1

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