The other day I went around Second Life collecting my groups “Freebies” or gifts. I enjoyed it very much because over at the lovely store *COCO* I got this wonderful lace ruffled skirt. I based my whole look on this skirt. I thought that I haven’t done a post in anything glamorous or chic in a while; why not do one now? I added a new shirt that I got from Bettiepage’s store. It’s called leaf lace smock. I adored the front embroidered look around the neck line. It was very classic but still chic. I wore So many Styles Vintage printed jacket. I love the gold leafs around the jacket the collar pops and the bottom hem tappers out. I thought it was a perfect look. My legs were too bare so I added Shop Toshys wonderful stockings. Great selection of nylons by that store. I cant express my love for FUEL’s hair accessory. It’s adorable and very classic with the pearl looking texture of the flower and the delicate strands of beads. The cheeks I got for 30L or something like that, maybe even 10L. I got them last Halloween at BP’s little Halloween sim there. It was cute and I love the add-on blush. That’s what I call them anyways. They make me feel very anime. I wore the classic pearls and diamond clusters from Paper Couture. This necklaces makes my neck feel very pricey. I’m not big fan of diamonds of jewels. When it comes to pearls I must have them, but the diamonds make it look that much more rare and exquisite. Now it comes to the new hair by Lamb. Which I’m totally inlove for. She needs to win an award. There isn’t a lamb hair style that isn’t in my inventory and that I don’t like.

Something New:
Skirt: *COCO*_RuffleSkirt_Lace-Black (Group Gift)
Shirt: BP* leaf lace Smock/natural 1
Hair: !lamb. Soma – Pale

Something Old:
Purse: ::: B@R ::: Diana Black Forearm (Bare Rose)
Hair Flowers: *FUEL* Flowery peacock Wear ( Nose )
Stockings: *SHOP Toshy*PantyHosePloverBlackSocks
Shoes: [ATOMIC] Dolled Up
Jacket: {SMS} Vintage Jacket Black-Gold
Eyes: -tb- Arctic Eyes (Tres Blah)
Cheek Blush: BP*hoppe/cheeks/check/chin (BettiePage Voyager)
Skin: KAO SKIN *Non* /black/freckle/lashes/

Not Too New, Not Too Old:
Necklace and Earrings: P.C; Sparkling Spheres (set)

!Femme – Satellite Mind, D!VA Stand 35b, PDA – Black eyed girl


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