I had a great day today. I guess because I spent half the day with my beautiful girl. We had a nice morning filled with fresh fruit and then we went to her cousin’s house to have a play date. She had a good time. The best thing about being at home with her is hearing her laugh and making her happy.

I put my happiness into my outfit. I felt bright, warm and filled with love. I wore tons of pink. The dress is from slow kitchen. I purchased it a long time ago. I adore the sheer layer of pink over top of the solid base of the dress. I added COCO’s little open shirt/sweater. I thought seeing how it’s spring the air is light, the weather is warm and the sun is always shining; why not have a light sweater to go with this look? I then wore my old school socks. These were probably the first prim socks that came out back in 05 or 04. They’re by Aimee Weber who was once a great friend of mine. She’s gone into contract work and I’m not even sure if she still plays. She was such a wonderful woman and always filled my day with laughter. She had the cutest laugh herself that you just had to chuckle with her because she was always so bubbly. I love these socks and even if they’re outdated by the prim, they’re still cute as hell. I wore another classic of mine; Paper Couture’s earrings “I dream of India”. I love the jewels on the earrings. They just sparkle and look so realistic. The hair is from Beauty Avatar. I believe I got it from a hair fair long time ago. The skin is probably old to you guys, but I still can’t take it off. I’m so in love with it. The cutest glasses to come out along with Riqs are these shades by Emma! I’m totally smitten by them. I think the whole plastic upper curve of the glasses are great. It reminds me of the classic Andy Warhol shades that he use to wear (Ray Ban). I enlarge my bottom lens of my glasses but they come in both gold and silver metal frame with tons of colours to choose from. The lenses are tinted with a gradient rose colour or amber. Which is a nice tone to have to summer time. I find that solid black is just to dark, unless it’s so dark that you can’t see your eyes. It’s a bad ass look. The bag is from Duboo, thanks to Newreem. Her little gifts to me. She’s a dollface ❤ Thank you Emma for giving me the new shades! You keep treasuring my blog with great gifts for me to blog.  All the designers who send my blog stuff. Thank you!! I really appreciate it.

Something New:
Sunglasses: [SC] Surf Couture – My VW Thing Sunglasses (Gold) – Original

Something Old:
Bag: DUBOO*Cheesecake bag (l forearm)
Cheeks: BP*hoppe/cheeks/check/chin
Earrings: P.C; I Dream Of India Set
*TREASURE* socks:*PREEN* Socks (Lace Ruffles)
Shirt: *COCO*_Cardigan_Flower
Dress: (Slow Kitchen)Chiffon_dress(Simple_baby-pink)
shoes: PRO_SPEC(Boxed)
Hair: *Beauty Avatar Hair* AIDA – Wine

Not Too New, Not Too Old:
Skin: KAO SKIN *Non* /black/freckle/lashes/

Bunny for sale! 75L! Brand new

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