KENZIE&CO. Electric Feel Dresses

Hey guys! I finally took a break from real life to make something on second life. I made some new cute dresses. I found it on a site and decided to make it. It took two days for me to finish but I am happy to say that even though my tablet skills are very rusty; the dress came out well. I love the little pleated upper skirt. I drew up the pattern and had a hard time trying to make the wrapped looking band around the waist. The pleated upper skirt is flexy and swivels with your AV. I added a base skirt beneath the pleats to give it the cute little rocker look. I thought the tank top underneath made it more modern. It’s a dress that you can spice it up to look formal but still look casual if you want to just wear it everyday. Now if you all read my blog, I’m big on clunky boots. If you want you can wear heels, flats or even pumps. I thought the books made the look complete. I hope you guys like the dress. It comes in four different mixes, Beige, Red, Blue and Aqua! The dress is 150L. Comes in all the clothing layers so you can add other things. YAY! for awesome dresssesssssss!!!

Love Kenzie!

*Red Mix*

*Blue Mix*

*Beige Mix*


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