I think I have a problem.

There’s nothing in the world that I spend my lindens on more than Hair. I mean I sometimes I go crazy and buy prefabs or furniture, skins, clothes. But when I look at hair it’s like BUY BUY BUY. No demo or anything. I never go back and dig up old hair that I love, I just buy new hair and forget about the rest. I have two favorites that I’m a sucker for. That’s Truth and Lamb. They’re my all time fav and I’ll support them to the fullest. Remember when Toast had a sale and made exclusive items to help her get her computer fixed, same with Emma. I bought everything in there to support them. Same with truth and Lamb, I would never want them to leave SL because without them my AV just… isn’t that beautiful.

The simple weakness to hair brings me to this post. It’s all about hair. I’ll show you some of the newest releases, some from 50L and old hair. Here we go.

MY fav! Lamb
If you have trouble fitting the hair to your head take these steps, and don’t be lazy.
1. Try to get it as close as you can to your head shape
2. If that didn’t work out to well. Go into appearance. See that slider for all you big heads. Turn it down, don’t worry.. its gunna be fine. Just slide it on down.
3. Then hit SAVE AS. That’s important or else you’ll be a voodoo head for the REST OF SL! OHNOES.
Just a tip. I kept hearing a bunch of ladies that I was with complaining. It’s very simple and this hair is worth the money. Check of the sweet side sweep of the bangs on the right. This long thin greaser hair is very popular amongst the fashion scene. So for all you fashionista/bloggers. This hair will look great in editorials.

The hair on the left is Poppy and the Right is Tia. I love them both. I love the full, voluptuous hairstyle of Poppy and then the sweet soft country girl look on Tia.

I got a bunch of hair. It won’t be hard to find there. She redid the sim and it’s more organized and less overwhelming. I love it! I love her new signs and her textures of the builds. Great job. The hair is looking more up to date and profresh. Which is awesome! I love her stuff, she’s a madhouse. I can’t believe how much hair she makes and how much is missing from the sim! She has a whole inventory load of hair!



Hey guys so you know the deal. Let’s go!!

First up we have my new dresses. They’re called The Strappy Free Dress. I love the prints that I did for them. The meow mix I hand drew. Took me a while to get it right but I got it. I made them in a bunch of different prints! There’s some listed below in my pictures. Which I’ve mixed with my old stuff and other new items. I hope you like them. The sculpted hem has a cute little tie around the waist to give it a little whaalaa! The skirt itself is the old school style flexy. I thought it would just be better to use than a sculpt because my sculpts are kinda meh. I made a cut little spaghetti strap bands with clasps on the back of the dress. 200L each 6 different prints. 700 for the FATPACK.

The heartlinesarrows racerback tanks. I hand drew the pattern so that took a while, but it lost some detailing when I recolored them so I’m selling them for 85L each. I made the sculpt and all! You can tell from the pictures how it looks, etc. 85 each 11 colours. There’s also mixed styles in there. With one base colour and the pattern is a different. 500L for the fatpack. πŸ˜€

The last adorable little skirts is the little dancer! I love tutu’s on my daughter it’s what inspired me I guess you could say. I would wear this irl with some crop tops so I wore my half tank tops in the picture. Each skirt is only 100L and it comes with all clothing layers (as well as the other stuff, I always put my textures on all layers). There are 7 colours to choose from! fatpack is for 600L.

Please check flickr for picture details. Don’t IM me. Thank you.

Sometimes it’s better to just keep walking,

Tonight I wanted to do another look. I had to blog Nylon’s new rompers, they’re adorable. I love everything about it! It’s a quick post because I have to get back to my store.

Tonight I wanted to do another look. I had to blog Nylon’s new rompers, they’re adorable. I love everything about it! It’s a quick post because I have to get back to my store. Nylon put out a bunch of new stuff. I happen to really adore all the clothes that she made. The simplicity of the shirts, romper and dress is what I think I like the most. The details that really make an item are the wrinkles, the little add-ons (Like her tie on the waist) the rumbled waisted band. The soft pastel colours really let the wrinkles and lines pop on the dress giving it great amount of detail. The buttons remind me of those shiny pearl kinds that came on cardigans. I love this romper. I wore Polyesters new necklace, Travelers Charms. I love the undershadow she put on it too. The gold necklace itself is a sculpt. The chain looks like each little links are real prims, but I’m not sure if they are. I wore this little kaboodle bag by Shizuku Halcali. The little kit is something I haven’t seen before unless it’s 2004 SL lunch boxes. I’m wearing my old school Maitreya socks. The white locked in the look, I think because the shoes have little white spots and the romper has ivory tones. The skin I bought on sale from Toasts store in Tableau. It might still be on so check it out. The hair I’m wear is by Tiny Bird yet again. I had to blog it because the little flowers in my hair also work well with my little romper πŸ˜€ I love the full bangs and the tussled look of the hair. The bangles im wearing on my right hand is really old. They’re from Yummy. I forgot I had them. They’re so old you need to key in the colour you want the band to be! But look how cute they look. As if they never went out of style. Even if they were made 5 years ago.

Something New:
Romper: (NO) Diamond Rompers
Necklace: (Yummy) Travelers Charms

Something Old:
Kaboodle: *.:[K]:.* pouch wear type (pink)
Tattoo: (Can’t say)
Socks: Maitreya Sculpted Socks – White
Eyelashes: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Eyelashes
Hair: Tiny Bird – Chelsea Hotel – Dark Browns
Skin: (fd) Bird Skin – Lucy May (SALE)
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – gold flakes – olivine (s)
Shoes: Picnic panu shoes [-deer]

Not Too New:
Bracelet: [} Jasha {] Tahta Bracelet (Gold) – Right
Bangles: Found Hearts Bracelet – Scripted Tints (OLD SCHOOL)
Earrings: pc; Water Drops

dfo – im just a small cog in the system [sera], dfo – okay that’s a little dramatic [sera] dfo – That’s a nice story [sera]

Being molded into a libertine dreamer…

Today’s look is all about summer feeling. I must say this is a new thing for Northern Canada. It’s april and the past two days it’s been 20 out. It makes me wonder how hot it is on the west side. British Columbia will be burning up in no time. Yesterday I was wearing short and a crop top, today I’m wear a summer dress and flip-flops. That’s how I dressed my AV. To my liking and what I would wear today. The dress is new and it’s by nylon outfitters. Nylon and her wonderful hand drawn clothing. The pattern is simple but adorable. The pastel colours make it peaceful but also bold. The skirt is the default SL skirt which is great. I think people over use prims on their clothing. I’ve been trying to just use what SL gives me rather than going into maya. Only when I feel I can’t use the default SL skirts, baggy pants – I got into maya and make my shapes. I’ve always loved that about nylon, she keeps things simple, but with her artistic skills it always seems like she out did her self. This dress is so simple, but the lines, wrinkles, pattern and flow of the dress overall; it seems elegant, tasteful and charming. I love this dress. The hair is by the wonderful Autumn of Tiny Bird.Β  Thank you Autumn for letting me use some of your hair to blog, you’re still the most dreamy person I meet on the west side of Canada. You and your burning eyes! She’s got beautiful eyes, but what’s important is that her hair is almost as beautiful as those sparkling eyes of hers. I love the braided set that she put out. There’s an over the shoulder, a short braid and this one long that drapes down your back. I love her little hair wisps that peek out from the braid and pony take. It has lots of volume and her sculpts/textures are really good. Also the little bobby-pins in the back is a great add-on. The belt and shoes are from Emma. I love this belt. I didn’t blog it before because the feeds were all about Emma that day, so lets take a recap Kenzie Style shall we? The belts leather texture is right on point. It’s so realistic! I’m starting to really envy Emma Gilmour and her sassy Maya skills. I mean look at the shading, the textures just fit perfectly and looks as if it was all one piece, but it’s not. The brass rings give the belt some other element. The stitching around the belt is also beautiful done. Adding another plus to the realism of the belt. I’m still rocking her sandals from 50L Friday. She told me she would be realising the whole set soon, with touch color scripts so that will be exciting. For now I’ve tinted the shoes myself. Pastel coral and soft green! To make my dress. I wore Zaaras bangles and Alamoods wooden cuff. I’m going for an earthy feel today. The hat is from Lelutka and I’m loving how it hides my face! Mysterious summer gal πŸ™‚

Hope you guys enjoyed the read, have an awesome day ❀

Stay classy second life!

Something New:
Dress: (NO) Harlequin Pastel Dress
Hair: Tiny Bird – Milk Thistle – Deep Warm Black-edited

Something Old:
Bag: [mixxES]African Market Basket_6(wear)
Cuff: > alaMood< Bantu Wood – Original Cuff (R)
Bangles: ZC : Ramya wood bangles *gold* L
Skin: &Bean – Hounds of love LIGHT Nyckelpiga dark brow (GROUP GIFT)
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – gold flakes – olivine (s) (Poetic Color)
Not Too New:
Belt: [SC] Surf Couture – Brass Rings Leather Belt – Brown
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Shoelace Sandals – White
Hat: [LeLutka]-AUDREY hat/palegoldenrod
Tattoos – (Not released, can’t give away either)

I didn’t jot them down.

Beat Boy,

Lift Up Your Dress, Open Up Your Legs
Your Vaginas Sewn Up, Untie The Thread
My Sublime Rhyme Inside Your Head

A bit over exposed, but I was feeling like that today.

Yup, This is what Benjamin emerald has done to me. He’s turned me into this freak of nature that adores this south africian rap group. I don’t think they’re serious, but if they are. They’re orgasmic. I can’t stop listening to their songs, maybe because I’m trying to figure out what they’re saying? It could also be that her voice turns me on? Or maybe it’s just that I can’t believe a group would rap about a woman bleeding, having sex with her while she’s bleeding and … like the little quote above this paragrah. Die Antwoord is going to melt my face off with its awesome zef flow.

Today we’re all about being on the ZEF side. I’m wearing the trademark pants “dark side of the moon” that the infamous ninja rocks from time to time. I made them for a friend (Should be coming out soon) He made a ninja av, because’s he’s pretty much their number one fan. LAWLZ FANBOY, fooken trying to sing like a POESSSSSS. Anyways. Yea, the top is also by me because Yo Landi likes her white cropped tee’s or cropped shirts in general? I like mine because the sculpts on other ones fit kind of funny. I wore Lambs hair “Say” and edited the bangs. I made them shorter so that I could have her ZEF EFFECT. I wore some randomly jewelry and just went with my zef flow, wutevah mahen. I wore Emma Glimour of Surf Co. new 50L friday sandals.

HERE’S THE DEAL ON THEM! ! Because these sandals are pretty bad ass. I mean the shoelace sculpt is impeccable. I mean I love Rachel Breakers sharp details and the way how her sculpts are so smooth and the shading is on point, realistic and chiseled. Emma has done that with these shoes. From the shading to the sculpts to the textures and the base of the shoe. I love what she did with the shadowing under the laces. The little two sides have a niceΒ  texture on them. What Emma tells me that in the future when she has finished the scripts and etc, she will have a RAINBOW of colours filled in the shoes. πŸ˜€ I love that about Emma she never leaves anything out. So get them today ❀ 50L for the white pair. Can’t go wrong there huh?

Something New:
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Shoelace Sandals – White (50L FRIDAY)
Tattoos: DIE ANTWOORD – $0$ – Kitten soup
Shorts: K&CO – Die Antwoord Boxerz

Something Old:
Watch: Reek – Calculator Watch (Womens Size)
Bracelet: [SC] Surf Couture – Beach Pass Bracelet (F) – Red
Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]] THE DANGO NECKLACE (red gold)
Shirt: K&CO – Crop Top – White – 2
Hair: !lamb. Say – Powder (Edited)
Skin:&Bean – Pillow Tan eight BLB FR
eyes: pc eyes by LL – gold flakes – olivine (s) (Poetic Color)

Poses: Can’t remember 😦 Decollege and dfo most likely.

KENZIE&CO – Song Bird Ruffled Tank Tops!

So for KENZIE&CO. I’ve made some really cute and really difficult tank tops. I normally try to stray from over primed clothing but I’ve been in the mood for ruffles. I made a ruffle strapped tank top with a bird embroided on the front of the tank. Like an apron top! I made the back of the shirt had a little tie from each side of the apron. Those sculpted ruffles were hard to work with so you might have to fit them to your av’s shape. I made the texture on the sculpted ruffles, I wanted the shadowing to be dark. Sorry if you don’t like it. I thought it made the ruffles pop more. I went with the stitching around all the lines of the shirt. The back of the shirt, where the tie is; has a little shadow too! Which is a plus for all of you people who love realistic clothing. I thought it would spice it up a bit. I made it all! Hope you like it!! 100L each colour! There’s the dull and the bold back. 10 BOLD – 9 DULL! Tons of Colours and all shirt layers.
❀ Thanks for reading, stop by the store to get’em.

TP To Store

In order: Top to Bottom

Skin: &Bean Trilogy

Hair: Aoharu, Maitreya, Lamb, 69

Shoes:Shiny Things,Β  Surf Co

Clothes: All Kenzie&Co.

Tik Tok Lola Skins – Review

The other day the owner of Tik Tok had sent me a huge folder with these Lola Skins. They had three different tones and I was shocked. Such a huge fatpack such as this deserves such a lovely review. I don’t know if I can give that to her. I adore her effort, I love the make up and the body is beautiful.

Let’s do the damn thing.

When I first tried on the skins, I feel in love with the make up instantly, she has a variety of colours that just pop. I loved the smokey eye shadow that covered the lower and upper lids that fade into a bold shimmering colour. The ears are realistic, but still go with her skin. That’s a A++ because I can’t stand when the ears look overly realistic or oddly cartoony. The necks shading was on point and the options she gives you is pretty awesome.

The bewb department.

Let’s talk tit’s shall we.

On the left we have the natural cleavage. I like this one more because the bigger cleavage set looks too busty for me. I didn’t like the line across the top of the bewbs either, so that was my diss. I love the way the shading darkens as you go lower into the cleavage. Looks realistic to me.Β  I didn’t edit these photos so please don’t mind the body wrinkles. If you can see the abs, they’re not the “situation” but they are noticeable in a flattering attractive simple way. I like that. a++ again!

Then we have the body tones, she gives you three options. Pale, Tan and Dark. I love the tan and the dark. That’s a rare thing with me. I find that people always overly bronze their tans and their darks dont have enough effort like the light or pale did. The knees are well-defined which is another plus to because I like definition in my skins. The only thing about the shading on the body is the legs, they look a bit different front the upper part of the body. That’s something you can over look because you’ll wear jeans or shorts or skirts to break up the shading. It’s not like you’ll notice it. I mean I didn’t untill I was in windlight settings.
Here is here Imagination Series Set. I’m wearing the Tan tone. I love all of these make ups. Except Oh pure girl, it reminds me of the virgin mary or something. I’m sure other people will like it. These are the colours I was talking about the make up being stunning on. The transition from dark to pixie is just adorable. It’s a mix of good vs. evil.

Here are her regular make up for the Lola Skins ❀ I wore them in pale so that the make up could really pop from the skin so you can get a feel for yourself of which one is your possible favorite. I love the peach and the smokey look!

This was all pretty easy to review because Miah McAuley made it so easy. Her darling skins are beautiful and I really hope she is proud of herself. They’re just so cute. I love it!

Outfit and Hair: Milk Motion (Trilogy Set)