Of Moon, Birds, & Monsters

Today has been really slow. I’m sorry for my crappy photos today. It’s because I’m doing them while Hayden is up so they’re not as good as they good be. I hate blogging at night. I feel so left out!

For this look I decided to do something different. My stuff has been so everyday/casual. I’ve always been a rocker girl. I’ve always idolized the grunge scene and adore big clunky boots and trashed looking clothing. Sid Vicious and Nancy are one of my fashion icons. I adore their look. The 80’s untamed hair, the heavy black eyeliner, the crazy amount of lipstick and the constant junkie look. I mean heroin is bad, let’s not even touch that kind of stuff. I guess I’m just a weird person. I have a dark side to me that very few notice or I care to show only to a few people know it. My oldest best friend in sl has seen it all. From my vampire days to my grunge seductive sultry slut killing girl in Haitian. I love Rob Zombie to death that his movies (even if they are poor quality) are stuff that I would act out in my role playing scenes. Even though fear is scary, I love to inflict it. I guess everyone wants to be a bad ass in their own ways. I’ve just always tried to over do it. Even in high school. I was popular with the preps and jocks, it just wasn’t me. What did I do… went down to the stairs (dirty central) started smoking pot and drinking every night. I had to be a bad ass. Got into fights, stole from stores, was a big time cocky little shit and pretty sure I’ve been kicked out of my house more than my fingers and toes can count. Anyways. This look reminds me of those days. I use to rock out the crazy attire. From wearing nothing at all to wearing the most craziest get-ups. I wore it all in my sl life.

Doppelganger Inc sent me these wonderful denim jeans, I’m assuming that they updated them or redesigned them, because that’s what the package said. I don’t have a previous jean to base the differences of them. I must say these are some badass looking jeans. IRL I ripped up a pair of my black denim to look like Nikki Sixx in the old days. I love ripped jeans and to have a pair in black is just the icing on the cake. I think they’re sexy and still boyish. I love the rips they’re stunning. I mean they’re rips but they way the made them looks very realistic and not photosourced or made with Photoshop brushes. I wore Milk Motions wonderful leather and fur vest. I was loving the Leopard print, who doesn’t love the trashy leopard? I wore sugarcubes old group gift, this wonderful hat that comes with hair. I love the sheer lace fabric that drapes from it, the feathers make it more dark and mysterious. The lace mask is by me, I made it for my role-playing av years ago. I thought I would dust it off yet again. The sculpted glove is from Maitreya and the other set of gloves are FREAKING OLD. From when I was a newb. I’m not sure if torrid is still selling them but they are an old favorite and I still rock them. See old stuff can still look cool it just depends on how you wear it. The boots are Aoharu and the gold clasps (loops, not sure what you would call them) around the boot brings out the black leather. I love the textures on the boot. It’s awesome!

Okay so that’s it. Ill be blogging my 50L finds later this evening. Hayden is going bonkers from her Easter chocolates. DAMN YOU EASTER BUNNY!!!

Something New:

Something Old:
Lace over eyes: K&CO – Lace netting for eyes
Boots: ANEXX_LaceupBoots/Mouton_Black
Gloves: Maitreya ArmWarmer
Gloves: *TorridWear*-RippedUp Gloves (OLDSCHOOL)
Hat with hair: ::SUGARCUBE – noir – hair with veil
Vest: (Milk Motion my fur and leather vest
Shirt: (Asylum) Danger Strip (It’s really old)
Jeans: Doppelganger Inc. – Damaged Peg Leg Jeans Black
Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::JoLie:: Cream – Basic CL1 EBBlack FR
Eyes: -tb- Arctic Eyes
Eyelashes: Deviant Prim Lashes 01 KENZIE

Not Too New, Not Too Old:

PDA – Bend Over Beethoven (Esme), PDA – For Our Elegant Caste (Esme), Glitterati 023


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