One journey for you but it’s worth it – k.craven

I must say “BRAVO” to charming Meiler of They sure are now! Charming sent me a review box last week. I’m dying to show you all the two cutest things I’ve received in a while. I adore the floral printed top. The whole paisley looking print is just beautiful. I love the black background because the flowers pop. The shirt is actually a dress but I wanted to fit the overalls in too. The dress has a sculpted bottom, it’s very cute. The overalls are awesome! Check out the mix with denim and animal print! I totally dig that. I love how it has an acid wash feel to it but it’s still a casual looking denim to fit any genre of style. The pockets and wrinkles around the seams of the jeans stand out making the piece look realistic. After that, the two pieces I based the rest of my look! I added Emma Gilmour of Surf Cos beach bracelet that was in her 50L friday pack. I wore the pink colour ;). I wore Reeks sculpted calculator watch that I am totally smitten with. I think it’s the buttons. They’re sculpted too so they stick out! Very cool. Then the boots are from Anexx (duh) I know everyone wears the white ones. I went with brown :P. I love the little beads on the fringe. The socks are from Fluffy. Lately I’ve been into the whole ruffle socks, or the ones with ruffled ribbon tops?? I don’t know if that makes sense, but like the ones I’m wearing. My sister thinks I look like a tool, but I just say “suck it, kemosabe”. The hair is by my undying love number hair stylist LAMB! Love it ❤ It’s old, but look at the BANGS!!! bow chicka wow-wooow.

Thats it! Good night and Happy Sunday ❤

Something New:
Overalls:::{u.f.o}::jeanimal (leopard+giraffe)
Shirt: ::{u.f.o}::vintage flower
Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]] EL ROSARIO – Blood
Skin: Keiko -Ocher- /03 Eyeliner BK (half-open)

Something Old:
Bag: *.:[K]:.* NANAMEGAKE (yellow) (Shizuku Halcali)
Glasses: Reek – Denton Shades – Fatpack
Watch: Reek – Calculator Watch
Socks: Oo FLUFFY oO Short Dot Sox – White & Navy
Eyelashes: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Eyelashes
Hair: !lamb. The Glow – Ink
Shoes: ANEXX_FringeSweedSneaker_Brown
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – hot mocca – large (Poetic Colour)

Not Too New, Not Too Old:
Bracelet: [SC] Surf Couture – Beach Pass Bracelets & Yummy Corn Dog!

PDA- Dedicated follower of fashion, PDA – Heavenly Arms, your cousin is george lynch


3 thoughts on “One journey for you but it’s worth it – k.craven

  1. Hi, how do I contact you in-world since I don’t know your first name? LOL, sorry. I wanted to ask where you got your windlight and know about SL photography because I’d love it if you’d help me with it. I’m making a shapes store soon and I have really suck-ish windlight settings. I absolutely love yours! ❤

    1. Hey sorry I just use the regular emerald windlight setings. As for photography in sl? I would google tutorials by ryker beck. She’s a great teacher. Me? I’m a horrible teacher and I don’t even know how to use p.s I honestly just fiddle with everything, lots of dodge and burn and lighting effects! Thats it 😀

  2. Oh lol xD
    Well, thank you so much for you help.
    But there are more question: What is the windlight name on the Emerald Viewer and can I add you as a friend? x] Hahahah. Sorry, I just need friends. ._.

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