Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

Here we go! another post for another day.
This look is just a cute fun flirty look for a cloudy day. IRL wise it’s cloudy, in world is got a soft sunset. I need to get some me time, some zen back into my in world life. I wore pieces from Aoharu. I love Machang. I love her style and her clothes. She’s a wonderful person and a very talented designer. I wore her denim washed jacket, it has studs around the colour and that’s not the look I’m going for. I like denim a lot right now, people stare at me like I’m a fashion victim. Trust denim on denim is going to be in. Remember B spears and JT with their patchwork denim dress and suit. Yeah… that fug is coming back. I’m wearing Kookie’s scarf set (comes with the hair too) I wore it mainly to cover the studded collar. I thought it was a great scarf too to add to the outfit. I have a circle scarf from American Apparel. I adore the look of it and the texture and dimensions of a hoodie scarf is just fab. I wore the gloves that came with the hair; so I wore them too. I love knitted clothes. They’re comfy and they give a little spunk to your look. The bag is a gift from COCO, must be in the group. I love it, such a cute little clutch purse? I’m not sure what you would call them when they’re small like that. My mom had some vintage leather ones I love them and have been sporting them for over a year now. I do have my other huge bags that I still adore. I really hope these tiny ones will go out of style because I tried to find some new bags and everywhere I go there’s only tiny ones. LISTEN FASHION WORLD. I got a baby, diapers, whips and bottles wont fit in these teny tiny bags.

The socks are mixed of preen and Fluffy. I love the ruffles and I can’t stop wearing them. I added them with fluffys polka-dotted print socks. It’s a little on the preschool look, but I enjoy it.  The shoes are super old when sculpts first came out and I still rock them like there’s no other flats in sl. I love the shape and the textures. A good pair to have indeed.

Thats it!! Good Day

Something New:

Something Old:

Hair/Scarf/Gloves: *Kookie* Ono – coal black
Jacket/Denim: AOHARU_BT_OpenLongShirt_DenimWashed
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – night forest (Poetic color)
Bag: *COCO*_Gift_Pochette
Socks: *PREEN* Socks Left Ruffle (Lace Ruffles)
Socks2: Oo FLUFFY oO Short Dot Sox – White & Light Pink
Shoes: Chloe – white – right (size 0) (Lassitude & Ennui)

Not Too New, Not Too Old:
dress: AOHARU_FlowerStraplessDress_Flower/Pink
Skin: Keiko -Ocher- /04 Pink BK (half-open) (Den Dou)

Glitterati -006, glitterati -026, !Femme – Love is a place

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