I’m Good, I’m Gone…

For tonight look it’s all about Milk Motions Trilogy release. I adore Milk Motion (Marie). Not only because she’s one of my favorite Designers in SL; because she has constantly supplied my blog with wonderful items to blog. From bags, skins, shoes, boots, clothes and now a whole set! Well she didn’t before with the designers united pieces! Marie seems to be consistent with her shop. Her style is very versatile, breaking the rules of owning a store with one theme. I love the skin she made for this set. I love the complexion, the scarlet crimson lips pop from my avatars face, the smokey rouge eyes and the dark nose. I feel like a star

let that was once burned from the crowds in Hollywood, left to be broken and wounded. She skins shading and details are beautiful, love the collar bone. The freckles don’t fade from the face, it continues downwards. I love body freckles. Freckles are just effing adorable and make anyone look unique and beautiful. The deep dark eyebrows made me want to use a bedroom scene. I wore the sheer dress that I got from Pacadi. They’re sale was awesome, so happy I went. I got tons of stuff for half off. The underwear underneath pop’s from the sheer which is what I was going for, the polka dots stray away from our same ole pastie lady gaga look. The shoes are from Lelutka you all know that, I just love platform heels right now. The undies come with and without garters! Stockings and tons of layers!  The hair is also by Marie! You see she’s always out doing herself. I love the little flowers on the side, which are tinted manually. I love the shading on it and the sweet little alpha pieces of hair. The soft little wisps that hand from the sides and back of the neck. Great job Marie! You’re wonderful!!! it shows through your designs!


Something New:
Undies: (Milk Motion) Trilogy : Shelter
Hair: (Milk Motion) Trilogy : Shelter – Hair
Skin: (Milk Motion) Trilogy : Shelter – Skin
Dress: [PACADI Jasha] – Naala Dress (white) (50% Off Sale)

Something Old:
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – gold flakes – olivine (s)
Pumps: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps

Not Too New, Not Too Old:

dfo – Wishful – As I am, dfo- songbird, dfo – wildflowers
all from the wishful pack.


6 thoughts on “I’m Good, I’m Gone…

  1. kenziecravenpants says:

    Thank you for the comments.

    As for the furniture!!
    Bed: instinct
    House and other stuff: *Y’s HOUSE* KOUBOU_full set

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