Tik Tok Lola Skins – Review

The other day the owner of Tik Tok had sent me a huge folder with these Lola Skins. They had three different tones and I was shocked. Such a huge fatpack such as this deserves such a lovely review. I don’t know if I can give that to her. I adore her effort, I love the make up and the body is beautiful.

Let’s do the damn thing.

When I first tried on the skins, I feel in love with the make up instantly, she has a variety of colours that just pop. I loved the smokey eye shadow that covered the lower and upper lids that fade into a bold shimmering colour. The ears are realistic, but still go with her skin. That’s a A++ because I can’t stand when the ears look overly realistic or oddly cartoony. The necks shading was on point and the options she gives you is pretty awesome.

The bewb department.

Let’s talk tit’s shall we.

On the left we have the natural cleavage. I like this one more because the bigger cleavage set looks too busty for me. I didn’t like the line across the top of the bewbs either, so that was my diss. I love the way the shading darkens as you go lower into the cleavage. Looks realistic to me.  I didn’t edit these photos so please don’t mind the body wrinkles. If you can see the abs, they’re not the “situation” but they are noticeable in a flattering attractive simple way. I like that. a++ again!

Then we have the body tones, she gives you three options. Pale, Tan and Dark. I love the tan and the dark. That’s a rare thing with me. I find that people always overly bronze their tans and their darks dont have enough effort like the light or pale did. The knees are well-defined which is another plus to because I like definition in my skins. The only thing about the shading on the body is the legs, they look a bit different front the upper part of the body. That’s something you can over look because you’ll wear jeans or shorts or skirts to break up the shading. It’s not like you’ll notice it. I mean I didn’t untill I was in windlight settings.
Here is here Imagination Series Set. I’m wearing the Tan tone. I love all of these make ups. Except Oh pure girl, it reminds me of the virgin mary or something. I’m sure other people will like it. These are the colours I was talking about the make up being stunning on. The transition from dark to pixie is just adorable. It’s a mix of good vs. evil.

Here are her regular make up for the Lola Skins ❤ I wore them in pale so that the make up could really pop from the skin so you can get a feel for yourself of which one is your possible favorite. I love the peach and the smokey look!

This was all pretty easy to review because Miah McAuley made it so easy. Her darling skins are beautiful and I really hope she is proud of herself. They’re just so cute. I love it!

Outfit and Hair: Milk Motion (Trilogy Set)


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