KENZIE&CO – Song Bird Ruffled Tank Tops!

So for KENZIE&CO. I’ve made some really cute and really difficult tank tops. I normally try to stray from over primed clothing but I’ve been in the mood for ruffles. I made a ruffle strapped tank top with a bird embroided on the front of the tank. Like an apron top! I made the back of the shirt had a little tie from each side of the apron. Those sculpted ruffles were hard to work with so you might have to fit them to your av’s shape. I made the texture on the sculpted ruffles, I wanted the shadowing to be dark. Sorry if you don’t like it. I thought it made the ruffles pop more. I went with the stitching around all the lines of the shirt. The back of the shirt, where the tie is; has a little shadow too! Which is a plus for all of you people who love realistic clothing. I thought it would spice it up a bit. I made it all! Hope you like it!! 100L each colour! There’s the dull and the bold back. 10 BOLD – 9 DULL! Tons of Colours and all shirt layers.
❤ Thanks for reading, stop by the store to get’em.

TP To Store

In order: Top to Bottom

Skin: &Bean Trilogy

Hair: Aoharu, Maitreya, Lamb, 69

Shoes:Shiny Things,  Surf Co

Clothes: All Kenzie&Co.


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