Being molded into a libertine dreamer…

Today’s look is all about summer feeling. I must say this is a new thing for Northern Canada. It’s april and the past two days it’s been 20 out. It makes me wonder how hot it is on the west side. British Columbia will be burning up in no time. Yesterday I was wearing short and a crop top, today I’m wear a summer dress and flip-flops. That’s how I dressed my AV. To my liking and what I would wear today. The dress is new and it’s by nylon outfitters. Nylon and her wonderful hand drawn clothing. The pattern is simple but adorable. The pastel colours make it peaceful but also bold. The skirt is the default SL skirt which is great. I think people over use prims on their clothing. I’ve been trying to just use what SL gives me rather than going into maya. Only when I feel I can’t use the default SL skirts, baggy pants – I got into maya and make my shapes. I’ve always loved that about nylon, she keeps things simple, but with her artistic skills it always seems like she out did her self. This dress is so simple, but the lines, wrinkles, pattern and flow of the dress overall; it seems elegant, tasteful and charming. I love this dress. The hair is by the wonderful Autumn of Tiny Bird.  Thank you Autumn for letting me use some of your hair to blog, you’re still the most dreamy person I meet on the west side of Canada. You and your burning eyes! She’s got beautiful eyes, but what’s important is that her hair is almost as beautiful as those sparkling eyes of hers. I love the braided set that she put out. There’s an over the shoulder, a short braid and this one long that drapes down your back. I love her little hair wisps that peek out from the braid and pony take. It has lots of volume and her sculpts/textures are really good. Also the little bobby-pins in the back is a great add-on. The belt and shoes are from Emma. I love this belt. I didn’t blog it before because the feeds were all about Emma that day, so lets take a recap Kenzie Style shall we? The belts leather texture is right on point. It’s so realistic! I’m starting to really envy Emma Gilmour and her sassy Maya skills. I mean look at the shading, the textures just fit perfectly and looks as if it was all one piece, but it’s not. The brass rings give the belt some other element. The stitching around the belt is also beautiful done. Adding another plus to the realism of the belt. I’m still rocking her sandals from 50L Friday. She told me she would be realising the whole set soon, with touch color scripts so that will be exciting. For now I’ve tinted the shoes myself. Pastel coral and soft green! To make my dress. I wore Zaaras bangles and Alamoods wooden cuff. I’m going for an earthy feel today. The hat is from Lelutka and I’m loving how it hides my face! Mysterious summer gal 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed the read, have an awesome day ❤

Stay classy second life!

Something New:
Dress: (NO) Harlequin Pastel Dress
Hair: Tiny Bird – Milk Thistle – Deep Warm Black-edited

Something Old:
Bag: [mixxES]African Market Basket_6(wear)
Cuff: > alaMood< Bantu Wood – Original Cuff (R)
Bangles: ZC : Ramya wood bangles *gold* L
Skin: &Bean – Hounds of love LIGHT Nyckelpiga dark brow (GROUP GIFT)
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – gold flakes – olivine (s) (Poetic Color)
Not Too New:
Belt: [SC] Surf Couture – Brass Rings Leather Belt – Brown
Shoes: [SC] Surf Couture – Shoelace Sandals – White
Hat: [LeLutka]-AUDREY hat/palegoldenrod
Tattoos – (Not released, can’t give away either)

I didn’t jot them down.


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