Hey guys so you know the deal. Let’s go!!

First up we have my new dresses. They’re called The Strappy Free Dress. I love the prints that I did for them. The meow mix I hand drew. Took me a while to get it right but I got it. I made them in a bunch of different prints! There’s some listed below in my pictures. Which I’ve mixed with my old stuff and other new items. I hope you like them. The sculpted hem has a cute little tie around the waist to give it a little whaalaa! The skirt itself is the old school style flexy. I thought it would just be better to use than a sculpt because my sculpts are kinda meh. I made a cut little spaghetti strap bands with clasps on the back of the dress. 200L each 6 different prints. 700 for the FATPACK.

The heartlinesarrows racerback tanks. I hand drew the pattern so that took a while, but it lost some detailing when I recolored them so I’m selling them for 85L each. I made the sculpt and all! You can tell from the pictures how it looks, etc. 85 each 11 colours. There’s also mixed styles in there. With one base colour and the pattern is a different. 500L for the fatpack. 😀

The last adorable little skirts is the little dancer! I love tutu’s on my daughter it’s what inspired me I guess you could say. I would wear this irl with some crop tops so I wore my half tank tops in the picture. Each skirt is only 100L and it comes with all clothing layers (as well as the other stuff, I always put my textures on all layers). There are 7 colours to choose from! fatpack is for 600L.

Please check flickr for picture details. Don’t IM me. Thank you.



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