I think I have a problem.

There’s nothing in the world that I spend my lindens on more than Hair. I mean I sometimes I go crazy and buy prefabs or furniture, skins, clothes. But when I look at hair it’s like BUY BUY BUY. No demo or anything. I never go back and dig up old hair that I love, I just buy new hair and forget about the rest. I have two favorites that I’m a sucker for. That’s Truth and Lamb. They’re my all time fav and I’ll support them to the fullest. Remember when Toast had a sale and made exclusive items to help her get her computer fixed, same with Emma. I bought everything in there to support them. Same with truth and Lamb, I would never want them to leave SL because without them my AV just… isn’t that beautiful.

The simple weakness to hair brings me to this post. It’s all about hair. I’ll show you some of the newest releases, some from 50L and old hair. Here we go.

MY fav! Lamb
If you have trouble fitting the hair to your head take these steps, and don’t be lazy.
1. Try to get it as close as you can to your head shape
2. If that didn’t work out to well. Go into appearance. See that slider for all you big heads. Turn it down, don’t worry.. its gunna be fine. Just slide it on down.
3. Then hit SAVE AS. That’s important or else you’ll be a voodoo head for the REST OF SL! OHNOES.
Just a tip. I kept hearing a bunch of ladies that I was with complaining. It’s very simple and this hair is worth the money. Check of the sweet side sweep of the bangs on the right. This long thin greaser hair is very popular amongst the fashion scene. So for all you fashionista/bloggers. This hair will look great in editorials.

The hair on the left is Poppy and the Right is Tia. I love them both. I love the full, voluptuous hairstyle of Poppy and then the sweet soft country girl look on Tia.

I got a bunch of hair. It won’t be hard to find there. She redid the sim and it’s more organized and less overwhelming. I love it! I love her new signs and her textures of the builds. Great job. The hair is looking more up to date and profresh. Which is awesome! I love her stuff, she’s a madhouse. I can’t believe how much hair she makes and how much is missing from the sim! She has a whole inventory load of hair!


2 thoughts on “I think I have a problem.

    • kenziecravenpants says:

      Thank you!! I just followed my steps heh. I love this hair a lot. I think it’s so original that there’s no point in my just saying “ugh it won’t fit.” 😀

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