Don’t Call My Name – k.craven

Oh summer, sweet sweet summer! You’re almost here and I cannot wait to sink my feet into the grainy pits of the soft golden sand that lays across they beach. I’m so excited it hurts. Tonight I may drive out to the beach and check it out. Take some pictures and just dream on of that hot blistering sun beaming down on me to the point where if I spend more than an hour laying on the beach, I’ll die from a heat stroke. I love it when it’s that hot. Anywhoo, you’re not here to listen to me talk about how I can’t wait to almost die from heat stroke, but I’m a Canadian, sick of the cold, ya know eh? I’m rocking one of the best swimsuits up to date here. It’s from Reek which you’ve all seen lately, but I haven’t seen anyone pay attention to the key point. Maybe they did (Sometimes I skim over the blogs, 😦 I have ADD) Can you see from my detail picture the sharp lines, the clear texture, the shading on point. I love how he added a little bead at the bottom of the strings for a knot effect. The bow is such an adorable plus, two on the hips, two on the back of the bikini. I know Riq said something about making clothes, but he did an awesome job with the wrinkles on this swim suit. It has many different styles, Solid colour, gradient, or floral. It’s all up to you but I liked the gradient the best. I’m wear his new sandals too! I love these things. I don’t even care if it’s a fashion rule, socks with sandals… COOOOOOOOOLL! Check it out! I mean again with the sharp textures, the clear sculpts. It’s perfect. The shading for the foot and the stitching around the sandals top part. Then to top it off he gives you the option or with socks or without. I love that! Check out the “sculpted” foot that just gives it a bit something something! Ugh, reek you’re a Sculpt God!  I love his work and I cannot wait to see what else he comes out with! I wore’s latest hair Cassidy. I love the cute little pony and the soft side sweep bangs. The visser is from Emery, loving it!  it’s my Hunter S. Thompson look. Who Adore! The chain I’m wearing is old, but I love it. Very Zef side. It’s by Shade Thorn. As they say Wat Pomp? The awesome badass skin I’m rocking is by Toast bard. I love love the freckles all over the body. Now I know some people hat their freckles or they think it’s gross. I LOVE THEM! I wish I had some and that’s probably the reason why. I think they add character a person and it makes them look more unique than the rest. The tee shirt is from Happy Finds! I got it for free I think from her group. Jeah

That’s it. I’m exhausted and super hungry. Also, I haven’t been blogging as much or making clothes because of RL drama. Please excuse me or my late reply. Hope you liked my short morning post.



Something New:
Sandals: Reek – Slides – Black/Pink – Girls – w/Feet – Right (worn also without, comes with socks gray)
Socks: Reek – Gray (comes with sandals)
Skin: (fd) Earth Flower – Slasher 3 (Freckles)
Bikini Top: Reek – Province Bikini – Gradient – Pink
Bikini Bottom: Reek – Province Bikini – Blue
Hair: !lamb. Charcoal (ears) – Ink

Something Old:
Hat: Emery – Visor #Grass
Backpack: =IZUMIYA=Casual Ruck[[Cloud]] (By Izumi Homewood)
Tee: ::Happy Finds:: Rumpled Long T-shirt Bunny Dress
Camera: traceon electronic M9 (Female L)
Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]] THE DANGO NECKLACE (red gold) – Shade Throne
Bracelet: Beach Pass – Surf Co

Not too new, not too old:
Hair: – Cassidy – Emo Black


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