Cream – creamy – black eyebrows = ARMIDI – Bourdoir Set – Rouge = Clawtooth – True Betty Brown

Smokey Cat Red – Cocoa – black eyebrow = Sixety Nine Hair = Attitudes Undie Set

Loving this new skin and loving Vainty for putting in a good word for me! Thank you both for having faith in me and mah blog.

So today we’re reviewing the infamous Dutch Touch latest skin “Isis”. I was given two packs, cream and cocoa. I adore the tone cocoa, it’s right on key with the skin colour, bronzing and the overall dark toned skin. I have a very small handful of skin designers that I will go and buy up a fatpack in dark tones. It’s because people just lack the skill to make one or just don’t care how it comes out. Dutch Touch on the other hand has made such a beautiful ebony skin. From the lips, to the nose shading, to the belly and legs! Everything about her Cocoa tone is just yummy, like Gabriel Union. I have to admit for the price you will pay for these skins is worth the money. The smooth complex on the face and body, the stunning realistic pores and the simple beauty marks in certain areas that make the skin have a natural yet perfect look to it. I love the body because it’s not overly shaded to make the skin look like  a beef cake. It’s simple, soft and natural. Nothing screams sexy but those three things.

As you can see from the picture above there’s the two tones I got. I love them both. The cream and the cocoa is hard to pick a favourite they both look so dreamy. I just love the softness on both. I love the bum shading too, gives me a good rump. The skins also come with hair base tattoos. I LOVE THAT. I’ve been rocking tiny birds for a while now. Now I have two sets!! I love the nail polish is really nice. I love how it looks so real, and polished!

Here are the make up below in the COCOA tone. I love the colours, the lips and the gloss. Not to mention the eyebrow detail!! Perfect! This skin for sure get’s a 10/10. Not because I was given them. Not because they’re from a huge designer. It’s because they are worth every bit of linden! They have two cleavage options (check out pictures above), they come with hair bases now and they’re stunning. From the tip of your crown from the bottom of your heels. Perfection.


4 thoughts on “:: DUTCH TOUCH ::IsiS::

    • kenziecravenpants says:

      YAY! Well RL is getting harder and harder so less posts 😦 But I’m trying ❤ Thank you again Vanity ❤

  1. Yvonné Pomegranate ♥ says:

    Can I ask where the long braided hair is from? I can’t find it in any of the tags under the post itself. 🙂

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