Short Post: So Happy I Could Die

As some of you may have heard or known already. Kenzie is now a single momma. That’s why my blog has been pretty dead. I’ve been working late at night or during nap times. I’m trying to balance my RL with SL. Most of my pocket change comes from SL, now that pocket changed has turned into my income. The other person (my partner in crime who is no longer my wingman) was the person who brought the money in. Even though it’s said to see a family broken, lovers lane spilt and a home that was broken to begin with become lonesome and cold; I’m very happy. I’m so happy that yes, I could die. I feel like everything around me is slowly falling into place. My daughter is being well taken care of, she no longer eats junk food, shes learning to use the potty, she doesn’t fight and she’s on a schedule. As for me! My plans are to stick it through this fall so that next semester I can enroll into school. That’s my plan. That’s my life. That’s all.

So let’s talk about clothes now that we got my most recent news out-of-the-way. My posts may be short now and not interesting at all. I love blogging during Haydens nap time. It leaves me with two hours to clean, relax and blog. I blog to fill up the waste of time! So here we are.

My look for today is very animal tuned. The zig zag lines on my tank, the fur and the leather bag all reminds me of the safari or a jungle theme. I just adore the stole and my new tank tops. The tank top is by me and will be release soon. It’s got a detail zipper on the back that encloses a long T (racerback) tank top. I made  a bunch of different prints. The high-waisted skirt is old and it’s by Emery (It has been updated with a sculpted prim though). I’m in love with acid wash so thank you Emery for tuning into my love for 80’s clothing. The leggings are old too, by Maiiki. I wore the cute fanny pack (Some of you might not want to wear it, but I love it and had to wear it for something bold). The two bags might by much, but I love this little masked fanny. I wore a bunch of bangles and this thick chunky band by Shade Throne. The glasses are old and are from Gritty Kitty! They my Malcom X glasses/Andy Warhol ! I love them, thought they added some character. I’m pretty much an odd ball when it comes to fashion. I think some people would have added the typical high fashion shades or glasses. I went with these. I also wore YS&YS pumps that I got at the 09 shoe expo. I love the print!

That’s it that’s all!

Something New:
Tanktop: K&CO – Zipper Racerback Tank – Lines
Fanny Pack: CHABINNS-MaskBag-Red-S
Leggings: :: M * A * ii * K * I :: Leggings Moon Set
Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::IsiS:: Cocoa – Raw CL1 EBBlack

Something Old:
Bag: null_Gainsbourg_bag(left hand)
Glasses: Gritty Kitty: Browline Glasses
Bangles:[} Jasha {] Tahta Bracelet II – Black
Earrings: *Kitty’s Rampage* Silver & Gold Dangle Disc Earrings (Scripted)
Hair: [LeLutka]-JENIFFER hair (Dark GrayScale)
Stole: p.c; Manhattan Brunch Fur Stole
Shoes: *YS&YS* Cala Saona 2 Ocelot
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – night forest – small

Not Too New:


4 thoughts on “Short Post: So Happy I Could Die

  1. So glad you’re in a better place *hugs* I wish you all the best and your real journey starts now! *muas*

    Love the look and all the animal inspiredness without being too much textures all over the place~ great pictures as usual too 😀

    1. Thanks Anya!!! ❤ It is a better place <3. I thought it might have been :X I'm just inlove with prints

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