New Stuff! Skirts, Tank tops and A new simple dress

Hey there! I made some new stuff. Let’s start with the news.

First off, our landlord at penrose decided that she was going to sell the sim. I heard a rumor of it awhile ago, didn’t think anything of it because we were renting half the sim she always let us know a head of time of what was going on. When she was sick she told us, gave us her email, etc. She was a great landlord. She stooped so low and some crazy lady told me all this stuff about how she bought the sim. She was rude and obviously on a power trip “Im the new sim manager, change your sim to be uniformed, I’m making this sim laggy with crazy clubs and etc” Uh Hi! Nice to meet you too crazy lady. So we packed it up and relocated to a friend of my friends sim. We’re now settled in and now you all know why I’ve been so busy.

So here’s the new stuff.

A skirt that I made. I liked it on the site  and I don’t like how it came out in sl. Seeing how it took me a while to finish, I’m still going to sell it. 75L; five colours.

Here’s the tank tops, they we’re a bitch to make and I messed up due to working while the baby was awake, so I’m selling them cheap too! 75L each tank!

Then the dresses which I love and have been wearing since I made them. 150L each!! 😀 Tons of colours

Please save this slurl or come on down and grab a new landmark to the new store!!
Thanks 😀

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