Here we are again. Busy days and busy nights. Here I am, writing some late night post. Drinking a nice cup of ice-cold water. I’m wear this wonderful outfit. I want to give a big thank you to my sponsors who sent me all these beautiful items to blog. I’m sorry I haven’t blogged them fast enough. I’m wearing tons of cute items and I’m madly in love with them! They’re adorable. Very comfortable and casual.
The new sweater I’m wear is from Beetle Bones. I love crop tops right now, so to have a crop top sweater is a must to me. Which I have irl *does a sassy look* I love the look of crop tops, they’re sexy but they’re always casual and chill. You can wear them with anything, revealing a bit of midriff but still keeping your shoulders and arms covered 😉 The sculpts on this shirt is pretty badass, they fit perfectly. They also look really natural. The boots that I bought are new and they’re from Adjunct, I love them. The little feather is awesome. I’m wearing Lambs new hair that I love!! Dear god I love them. Very much like my full bangs and I think full bands are sexy. The snookie poof is very cute and the back of the hair has a knot style ponytail and the sleek smooth strands that curl downwards is great. The jean skirt is from Doppelganger. I’m madly in love with the fringe at the bottom of the skirt. I wore Mv’s floral leggings. They’re badass. I have  a pair and I rock them all the time, same style and colouring. They’re so cute. Then there’s the old stuff that I will never fall out of love, milk motions tote bag, the adorable earrings from paper couture! and the belt from coco! All make this outfit pop!

That’s it. I smashed my finger in the window, really hard to type. So good night ❤

Something New:
Sweater: BB* “Anya shrunk my sweater” in cream (LOVE IT)
Boots: Adjunct – Atlas’ Marker Boot – Brown
Hair: !lamb. Found – Ink! (LOVE IT)
Skirt: Doppelganger Inc. – Cut-Off Jean Skirt Light Blue

Something Old:
Bag: (Milk Motion) My tote bag *birds* (pose3)
Bangles: *[MANDALA] TAKARA bangle/ Brown Fur Bright (L)
Earrings: P.C; Noir Gold Earrings (Paper Couture)
Belt: *COCO*_WideBelt_Brown
Eyelashes: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Eyelashes
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – dark wood – small (Poetic Color)

Not Too New:
Skin: &Bean- Hounds of love DARK Hjort brow 1
Socks: [ glow ] studio Roses Socks B (Thank you)
Leggings: {MV} Floral leggings Print 1 (Vo Pralou)

Flowey – Under someones Thumb, !Femme – The Latest toughs, Femme – The Police and the private


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