Unthinkable – Lelutka Look!

My look for tonight is pretty sweet. Sweet as in cotton candy, lollipop, ice cream sandwich and hot fudge Sundays. I’m wear another item from Lelutka. I adore this piece out of all their tops. I think the draped shoulder is so sexy and the smooth sculpted scrunched top is stunning. It makes my look that much more appealing. The blouse is called Salome. I wore the blood colour. I read in a magazine that the colour scarlet is extremely sexy on women out of all the colours in the rainbow. I dressed up the blouse with a skirt by Mijn. I adore the soft sheer layer on top of the base skirt. I love how everyone is bring Second Lifes’ default base skirt. It makes me really happy because I’m so sick of attaching so many prims to my avatar. I also think the shape of the SL base skirt is more flatter when you’re making a poofy skirt. I wore Royal Blue gloves. I love them, I believe I got them from Designers United Fair awhile ago. I love the sculpted prim cuffs and sleeve over my fingers. It’s very cyber punk grunge, but it’s still classy because it’s not over the top done. Just a simple few tie ribbon around the wrist. I wore Un Jour’s head wreath. Loving it! The leggings, oh my stars can someone say it’s so 2000 and 12? So futuristic. I’m sure you’ve already seen or heard about them, but I had to wear them. The skin gave me a very smoldering look, very sexy and mysterious. Love it!

That’s it for this late night post ❤ Cheers.

Blouse: [LeLutka]-SALOME blouse/blood (wear or rez)
Skirt: mijn.t [RUFFLE FLOWER] 2skirts – LEMON (BOXED)
Shoes: House Of Fox – Angyness Heels – Black
Leggings: VENENO // Gold Robot Leggings

Gloves: (Royal Blue) Punch the Jester Gloves in Mime
Hair Accessory: un Jour_* un Jour de ROSE wreacth
Earring: {JUNK} nouveau filigree hoop right

Eyelashes: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Eyelashes
Hair: Cake – Twiggy – Gold – Flexi Hair
Skin: &Bean- Hounds of love DARK Koltrast brow 2

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