Just another Day

So I’ve been so busy it’s sick. Haydens’ second birthday party took up the weekend. Then she went home with her dad, so I have two weeks to myself. A few of my friends heard of this and captured me every night since this morning when I here by put my foot down! I need to work and they need to stop worrying. They think without Hayden I’m extremely lonely. But they don’t know that SL is my gateway to social interactions late at night πŸ˜€

So I’m back with a small post for the new Lelutka Summer Collection. Even though my dearest Vo is not wearing any Lelutka, I am. Their new top called Georgia. I happen to be so in love with it. I love how it’s very casual but yet it’s still funky because of the prim knot at the end of the sculpted hem. I really like the stripes, it add’s some texture to the shirt. It comes in a couple other colours, but it’s a top that you can wear with shirts, cute high-waisted skirts, leggings, pants and jeans. It’s very versatile. That’s my key thing when buying clothing on second life. Buying an item that you can wear both day and night is a win in my books. The pants are from Veneno. I adore them. They’re so cute even if they hard to fit to your avatar. The shoes I must thank Kookie so much for putting up with my Massive Im spams begging her to release them. I swear, every time I got the chance, I would hassle her to release them. I think they’re so good. So sexy. So chic and flawless. The seams of the sculpts match. The alpha prim is correct and the textures are so simple but yet the boot itself is stunning. Great job. A new fav! The hair is by boon, I’m sure everyone has worn it. I tried to that style for my daughter birthday just without the massive flower on top. Didn’t go so well. So props to them.

Vo is wearing some cute stuff as well. Mr. Poets wonderful sculpted scraf that comes with a touch script for colours. I love his leggings and the cute cardigan he wore. ❀ Thank you Vo for coming out to my little shoot πŸ˜€

ON Kenzie:

Shirt: -[LeLutka]-GEORGIA Top/Strawberry(wear or rez)
Shoes: ::Kookie:: City Wedges – Nudes
Pants: VENENO // Jersey Harem Pants

Bangles: *[MANDALA] TAKARA bangle/ Brown leather Bright(R)
Earring: {JUNK} nouveau filigree hoop right
Shawl: ZC : Kashmiri aari work shawl *black* (Zarra)
Glasses: Reek – Park Shades

Eyes: pc eyes by LL – dark wood – small
Skin: &Bean- Hounds of love DARK Rav brow 1
Hair: booN XFE275 hair black
Prim Teeth: <porcupine love> prim teeth.

ON Vo:

Cardigan,sweater, and shirt – +KiiToS!! Sinilintu+ CacheCoeur Layered set *Turquoise*

Scarf – ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf

Hair – PE Harrison Dark Ash

Tights – Maitreya allure Tights – Black

Shoes – Picnic panu shoes [white sol-w]

Bag -LMK- Leather hold-all bag (Hand) with anim



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