It’s all about the bags

I have a thing for second life bags. I love to wear them with an outfit. I find these bags stunning and over the top. I think you can see for yourself why I am blogging these bags. Not only because of their quality but because they’re stunning. The lighting on each bag is so realistic. The sculpt work is sublime. The textures are surreal. These bags are worth every penny and are breath-taking. I love the shadows around the handles, pockets on the bag or just the little add-ons. These bags may look simple, but each one your can tell took a long time and a lot of effort went into them. That’s why they came out so beautiful. I recommend everyone to pick up each bag. Because you won’t stop wearing them. At  least I haven’t.

The look I am wearing is a combination of Emma Gilmore (Surf Co.) and Marie ❤ (Milk Motion). I have to say. These shorts are bad ass. In fact these shorts made me go out to my thrift shop, cut up some tapered pants and made my own highwaisted shorts. Thunder Bay doesn’t carry my style of clothing. Let me just say, these shorts… are it. Seriously. They’re like the most common pair of denim shorts, but the sculpts and textures, the belt around the waist. Just completes the look. You can wear it wear anything! Dress it up or play it down. I love them. The tank tops that Emma made are just so cute. I love the slight touch of sculpted ruffles around the neckline. Then you have the bright bold red tank top that covers the ribbed tank beneath it. Emma played close attention to the red tank top, added scrunched wrinkles in the front so that we could have the feeling of a tucked in shirt. That goes well with highwaisted bottoms! The shadows around the opening of the shirt is realistic. I just love this shirt. Then we have the pumps by Lelutka. Every lady loves to slip her heels into a pair of stunning heels. These pumps are simple but yet they have a few details that make them unique. I wore coral because it’s a fav colour of mine. The bag and hat are new and they are by Lelutka. I loveee the hat. It’s so cute! Its got that military shape but the textures make it come back to earth. It’s not just camo military style hat. It’s got a stripped fabric around the brim. The buttons are adorable on the side of the hat! The only thing I saw it wear a base hair for this hat.


Shirt: [SC] Surf Couture – Coastal Tank – Red
Undershirt: [SC] Surf Couture – Hermana Tank – Beige
Shoes: [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps-FAT PACK Coral
Shorts: (Milk Motion) my high waist jean shorts *pale blue*

Hat: [LeLutka]-BERTIL hat
Bags all by Lelutka

Prim Teeth: porcupinelove  prim teeth.
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – dark wood – small
Skin: 13 Tan Skin -Leona- / *red hair *REDGRAVE*


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