I love Nature

The past few weeks have been non-stop for me for some reason. I decided to go camping last min notice and packed up the babe and headed to the bushes. I guess this is my inspiration for my post because it’s a funny store. Even though the mosquitos bit me up, even though we went paintballing and EVEN though it was full of ticks, and sand flies I still rocked my badass attire. I love camping, I love fishing and I love being outdoors. I just hate bugs. My boyfriend was laughing at me wearing my little short shorts, or my pretty babydoll dress and my wicked fedoras. He just said “We’re going into the bushes Kim, no one is going to see you”

My av went into the bushes too, but this is something she wore. 😀

hopefully I can start making some clothes too, because momma bear wants money.

In this look I’m wearing a wonderful dress by Kimberly Casanova Designs. I love the sculpts and the simple style of this dress. It can be casual and formal if you want to dress it up or down. These kinds of dresses give you complete control/freedom on how you want it to look. Great buy, from Kimberly! It’s an awesome dress. Then we have the badass jacket from Aoharu. I loved it since I bought it and still rock it every now and then. It’s not that old but Aoharu is very skilled in the denim jackets of SL. By far the best. I’m wearing the bottom top underneath the Cassie dress, is from Tres Blah from the summer festival event at Tableau. I’m wearing the bag that Vooner sent out for their Gacha machine. I adore it. Just the leather and the stripped handles on the bag are my favorite part of it. The scarf is super old given to me by a talented and wonderful friend of mine, Melatonin Hax of Split Pea. I also wore the adore hat from UFO, I loooove it, it’s so cute and simple. It looks like a soft weaved hat. which is a big hit right now. I wore Glow’s rose socks, which have cute ruffles around the top but I just wanted to wear the lace mesh. The lace leggings are by Veneno and the boots are from Adjunct!

A lot of old classics in my mix, but some fairly new fashions for you today ❤ Ciao ciao!!

Something New:
Hair: Clawtooth: The Morning After (w/bangs) – Deep Sunset -modded for hat
skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. GeMMa02
top: -tb- Romantic Chemise (Beige)
dress: *KCD* – Cassie  – brown (Kimberly Casanova)

Something Old:
jacket: AOHARU_BT_ShortJeanJacket_Blue
Bag: *VOONER*MARTI BAG_dreampast
Hats: ::{u.f.o}::soldier’s hat in old time (black)
Scarf: ::SPLIT PEA:: Love is all around me – Scarf – Peppermint
Socks: [ glow ] studio Roses Socks – black
leggings: VENENO // Lace Vintage Leggings
shoes: Adjunct – Atlas’ Marker Boot – Black

Not Too New:

DFO – Faces A care bear with fangs, dfo! big noise scary monster, DFO! I mock you with my monkey pants


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