I’ve been gone, but it wasn’t my fault.

My computer crashed last week. Leaving me without computer access or access to my outside world. It was depressing and sad. My laptop is also broken which WILL be replaced by the boyfriend. If not, his head will roll. It was a beautiful sparkling white mac book. I gave it to him to record his music. Instead he bounced it around, left it in the back of the car, abused the keys and ruined the whiteness. I’m bitter about that.
Here’s a few looks to apologize to everyone for my absence. My sponsors, my readers and my wonderful adoring admires!

My three looks that I came up with are totally me. One look is very wild, one look is very boyish and the other one is chill. I love them a lot. They’re comfy but stylish. Not over killed and not overly boring.


Something New:
Hair: (NO) Pixie Cut Tattoo – Golden Brown
Bag: Grey Fanny Pack Bag Polyester Partridge

Something Old:
Skin: !tb – Girly Chic Tan – Frilly Girl (light brows)
Socks: ~Scribble~ Sock Puppet Socks/2.0/Foot/L (50L)
Shirt: !O: Basics Boyfriend Racerback [Blank] (Jacket layer) Ana Ohmai
Jeans: “NINIKO”Lowrise jeanes1
Eyes: pc eyes by LL – shallow water – small
Tattoos: Custom, made by friend.

Not Too New:
Hat: AKEYO_Fedora_BeigeSuede
Glasses: Reek – Ramesh Aviators

Kiitos – 014 smile


Something New:
Hats: [*Bo]Boater_Brown – BlackOwl Ohmai
Hair: (NO) Pixie Cut – Black
Shirt: (NO) Beret Girl

Something Old:
Stache – Made by a friend – Kenzo Gateaux
Bag: Aitui – Bag – Rustic Messenger – Plain
Shoes: Rawdolls – Pitchbull Hi-cake
Pants: “NINIKO”Crease-crease Pants
Vest: Pig – Sexually Secure Vest/Black
Skin: (fd) Earth Flower – Slasher 1 (Black Brows)

Not too New, Not too Old:
Lighter: ~Scribble~ Need a Light? Lighter (50L)



Something New:
Shirt: (NO) Goldfish Dress Top
Shorts: (NO) Bow Shorts – Polka Dot

Something Old:
socks: DUBOO*bosong socks [violet]
Hat: d-lab-afk-rabbit hat
Shoes: BB*Open-Toe Claudia Clog in mud – Beetle Bones
Backpack: [HUFS] MultiBackpack (Brown)_S (Heidi Serakorea)
skin: (fd) Earth Flower – Slasher 1 (Black Brows)

Not too New, Not too Old:
Hair: Tiny Bird – Woke up New – Sandy Blonde (50L)
Jacket: AOHARU_DungareeLongShirt_LightBlue

Poses: @Waffles – AC – Turn Into


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